Here's Where to Live the Private Island Resorts Life

An escape to private island resorts is the fantasy of many across the world. In the recent, the thought of an escapade on a private island could only identify with domain names of the rich and mighty such as the Brandos and Branson. Today, we can choose to take breaks like any other wealthy person thanks to the opening up of some private resorts in the recent past. We have put up the finest of private islands from across the world where you can go live your fantasy.


Time + Tide Miavana Madagascar

Time + Tide Miavana Madagascar

Miavana is a local word in the Malagasy language which means “to bring together.” indeed, the exotic hub located in Africa has been able to bring people of different origins together for the common purpose of experiencing the life of a private island like royalty.

Time + Tide Miavana adds value to its visitors through their tours and safaris around the Island. Therein, visitors get knowledge about the environment and the ecosystem.

The Miavana has 14 Villas, with different capacity of one, two, and three bedrooms. Each villa occupies a minimum space of 450 square meters. The facilities include a lounge, private pool, butler service, a study that can convert into an extra bedroom and a stocked kitchenette. The villas have dots with Turquoise accents and hand-cut stones that resemble the color of the sea and the seashells found at the beach respectively. The ocean views and direct pool access always ensure that you are never far from swimming thanks to the direct access from the villas.

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Bawah Island Indonesia

Bawah Island IndonesiaThe Bawah Island Indonesia is the perfect description of being in the middle of nowhere. This sensational island is at the center of an ocean that extends towards the horizon. So really, if you want to be somewhere safe, quiet, private and feel like in the middle of nowhere, this destination is just perfect!

Five islands make up the lovely resort, and you can choose a villa with overwater suites for the best unwinding experiences. The environment makes it the ideal destination for the travelers or families that are looking forward to spending lots of time alone! However, please note that children under the age of 10 are not allowed on this island. The beautiful environment merely beckons you to experience luxury without the hustle, and you never have to sacrifice your comfort to get here.

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Kokomo Private Island Resort Fiji

Kokomo Private Island Resort FijiHeard of the most private island in the world? The owners of the Kokoko Private Island have made the dream of a private island come true. They have tapped in current resources and matched it with luxury to make any escape to this place memorable. Many moments at this island stand out; the thatch works, the coral trout sashimi for breakfast, the crafts of coconut fiber room beams, the on-island farm and the sharks at the Great Astrolabe Reef.

You will have the most emotional departure experience; the entire staff gathers up to sing you traditional Fiji farewell songs. For those that love nature, this is the perfect place to be. It meets the need of those looking for genuine love, care, and laughter, some time away from the rest of the daily demands and problems, and an incredible home away from home. The facility has Aussie celebs, beach worshipers, cool American snorkelers, well-dressed Kiwis, nature-loving families and chic empty nest Brits.

From the moment you land in Fiji, everything is made easy for you. From your seaplane, arrival at your private suite, at dining, at the pool and during your adventures and sea activities at the Island. The excellent staff service ensures you live like high and minute so effortlessly.

The suites at the villas on this facility are a pure description of luxury and sophistication. The resort has only 25 units, so the place is never crowded. Kokomo is the perfect place for those longing for an intimate private time, some family bonding and the ideal honeymoon destination for the newlyweds. If you are looking for a private island Resort, Kokomo Private Island in Fiji has to offer. If you love what they have, fly to Fiji with cheap flights to Fiji. With FareDepot, an incredible private experience on a private island resort awaits you thanks to our affordable rates on all flights.


Gladden Private Island Caribbean

 Gladden Private Island Caribbean

At the heart of Belize, Barrier Reef Reserve System stands a private island resort characterized by corals and white sands. It is the perfect destination for when you want to bring your significant other and treat them to some beautiful experiences.

Ideally, the resort is made up of one-two bedroom villa. Space makes it suitable for couples looking towards some time together. Moreover, the stuff stays on a separate island that is nearby. So you can have your time and dia whenever you need help.

In regards to the rooms, they are spacious as the villa covers 3000 square meters. They are fit with windowed walls and curtained beds. The bathrooms are everything a private island resort should have; a large walk-in bathtub for a luxurious bathing experience whenever you need it. The indoor and outdoor living areas have couches to enable you to relax better even as you unwind. There is a pool overlooking the waters for you to take a dip in and a rooftop deck for when you want to grab some sunshine or get sun-kissed. With such limited space at an exotic private island, you can always get last minute deals with FareDepot. If you are shopping for the perfect destination for your honeymoon, anniversary, closed birthday or just a great time away, book cheap flights to Caribbean Belize with our flight search engine  today! It always gets better with Gladden Private Island Caribbean. And for those who are looking for additional opportunities to find other cheap flights to Caribbean Islands, FareDepot offers very cheap international flights no matter your destination.