How Early Should You Book Your Flights?

How Early Should You Book Your Flights?


Whether planning ahead or quickly getting one at the last minute, it never seems clear when the best time is for you to book a flight. Of course, it’s obvious that booking your flight closer toward your travel date will result in you paying more, as ticket prices for flights seem to follow the “early bird gets the worm” principle, with cheaper prices when you successfully book early flights. However, the question remains: how early should you book your flights in order to get the best deal?

Should You Book on a Specific Day?

First, let's discuss the precise day you should book your flight during the week. Time and time again, from family, friends, or colleagues, we’re told that there is a day of the week when ticket prices are cheapest. However, in our experience, that is a complete fabrication. While individuals may find that flights tend to be cheaper for them a day or so after checking online, the actual frequency of this occurring is quite rare. Honestly, there is no specific day of the week that will hold a cheaper price. At most times, prices are identical throughout the week, and get more expensive the closer you are to the flight date. 

The Ideal Time to Check Flights

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The real differences in price occurs over a longer stretch of time. As mentioned exhaustively before, the earlier you book your flight, the cheaper it will be. That it isn’t to say that it is cheaper at any time. Studies have shown that there is a specific window of time in which plane ticket prices tend to fluctuate, thus potential travelers should keep watch during that particular time frame. 

According to recent travel industry studies, the best time to buy tickets is approximately 70 days prior to your ideal departure date, which is an increase from studies done in the previous year. Therefore, it is best to assume that, with each year, you should book early flights more than 70 days in advance in order to get the cheapest prices.  

A Difference of Seasons

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Moreover, one discernable variable that affects all prices within the travel industry are the seasons of the year. While the general span of time to book your flights are around 70 days before your departure, it is also subject to change according to season. For example, a summer trip is best booked 47 days in advance, almost a month less than the general rule. Fall and winter trips are found to be cheaper 69 to 62 days before departure, while spring flights have the best deals around 90 days in advance. 

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