How to Book the Cheap Flight Possible to Anywhere

how to book cheap flight possible

Booking the right flight for the right price has become a very confusing and time-consuming task for any trip. With the availability of multiple search engines and websites, the endless list of deals and offers vary from second to second. In the end, it leaves us frustrated enough to give up on it.

Before you keep procrastinating your search for cheap airline flights, it is best to know basic ideas of how to find them. From the right search engines to the right time, there are some aspects influence the airfares. We have jotted down few tips for you to save up time and money on your next hunt to find cheap flights to your destination.

Search in Secret

You might have noticed that when you start searching repeatedly and relentlessly the prices of flights tend to go up after a few times. It is not some crazy idea formed in your head. You know how none of the search engines is entirely “trustworthy”. When you search, this indicates that the flight is in high demand and the cookies of your browser retain this information. So the site tries to increase the price so you will book right away without waiting for the prices to go higher.

So it is always safe to do your search in Incognito mode of your browser. To make it easier, you can enable the incognito mode in Google Chrome or Safari by hitting Command or Ctrl +shift + N. If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, use Command or Ctrl + Shift + P. You could also select “Private browsing” or Incognito mode from the drop-down File menu.

When you use incognito mode, the cookies reset each time you reopen a window. So make sure you close the window each time before you start a new search. This ensures that you find your cheap airfares easier.

Explore all flight search engines

With new search engines and travel websites coming up every day you are faced with numerous options before you can finalize. The thing is most of the search engines display inflated rates due to cut from the airlines. It is always better to cross check the prices on various search engines to make sure you get cheap fares.

FareDepot is a very efficient search engine that budget faress the best International flight deals you can find online. FareDepot has different filters you can use while searching to make sure you find the cheap flights. Other search engines like CheapOair or AireFare Watchdog are also good. But their prices tend to fluctuate and increase by the time you enter passenger details.

If you don't have a specific date set in mind when you search for flights you can select a duration of days or even an entire month. It is always good to scan and compare rates before you book.

Few search engines also have options to notify you when the airfare increases. This way, once you have done a basic search, you can keep updated on the fluctuating prices for a while to see if you can find a cheaper fare.

Find the best time for best fares

best time for best fares

There are many theories running around on the internet claiming Tuesdays and three weeks prior are best days to get cheap airline flights. In reality, these claims are not always consistent. While it doesn't hurt to try out these theories, it is still safer to compare rates for consecutive days to see options.

Generally, weekdays are cheaper compared to weekends. Also, holidays have higher demands leading to higher prices. Months from September to November is comparatively less expensive than summer months from June to September. You should also put into consideration your local holidays if that is your criteria.

Few search engines such as FareDepot also give you the option to check on flexible dates. You just have to click on it before you start your search. Do this separately for both one way and return flight to find your cheap airfare. When you have the best ticket for both one way and return flights, you can book cheap air tickets on those dates.

Best of Budget Airlines

Budget Airlines offer excellent services at significantly lower prices. The few noticeable difference would be in the leg space or availability of free drinks. But rest assured you will be getting a good deal if you book in a budget airline.  

You can go to Wikipedia to see the list of budget airlines that offer cheap air ticket to your destinations. There are budget airlines for both international and local flights. If your goal is Asia, some of the prominent budget airlines include Air Asia, Tiger Air, and Ryanair. They have an excellent standard of service and history. Also, do not forget to check out their social media pages to find exciting deals.

Connecting flights cost less

If your destination is far, say you have to cross an ocean, your flight options would come with choices of non-stop or multiple stop flights. A non-stop flight always cost you more. If you don't have time restrictions, you can opt for a transfer and take a pit stop there. You could use this time to check out their airport and do a little shopping. Few countries also offer transit visas. If your time and place allow you, then it wouldn't hurt to get few hours to explore a city. It would indeed be a bonus.

There are also multiple city connections. For example, Virgin Atlantic has routes from New York City to London, London to Shanghai, and Shanghai to New York City. These come cheaper, and you can also book them on sites such as FareDepot.

Buy in bulk

Just like most of the other purchases, you will be getting discounts and better deals if you buy more in number. Cheap one way flights come less expensive if you book it with a return. Round trip flights come in cheaper if you search with return flight rather than booking two one way tickets separately.

We know this is not always feasible.  But if you are planning a family vacation, this is a crucial point to remember. If you have friends or family members traveling with you, it would be much easier to book together to find cheap flights. The more, the merrier.

Do not wait until the last moment

It is not a piece of news that the ticket rates increases as the departure date approaches. So if you know when you are going to fly and have the destination set, it is best to have booked flights at the earliest. Waiting for a sale wouldn't get you rates as cheap as tickets booked far ahead.

Most airlines offer multiple categories of tickets with cheap as the baseline. When these get sold, the remaining ticket rates get increased. It happens typically in Australia and European regions. So the categories such as saver packs itself will find elevated prices if you wait to book.

Price may vary with currencies

different currencies

At times, the same flight booked from different locations might have different rates. For example, If you are booking a trip from Europe to India, the prices will be different in Europe and India. So if you change your website URL, you can see all the rates. In case you are booking with a different currency, make sure you use a credit card service that provides free foreign transactions. Otherwise, you might end up losing money.

Flight points are always useful

Whether its budget airlines or luxury, you can always get a discount airfare with using your frequent flyer miles. Company credit cards also offer exclusive deals. Also, it is still better to create your account and be a member of the airline to get your special deals and discount rates. Don't ignore the promotional emails from airlines; it might include a special offer or notification of an upcoming sale.

If you are a very frequent traveler, your flyer points ensure you get the best deal. Also, you get various packages and offers for your hotel stay and other services sponsored by the Airlines itself. So it is always good to be a loyal member when you look for cheap flights.


How to get cheap flights is a question that comes to your mind first when you plan your trips.

It is true that even with all caution, you might miss out on a sale by a day or even by an hour. At times you might get lucky to find cheap flights. But it always helps to be one step ahead with your planning.


Now that we have covered all key points on how to find cheap flights, it is time that you put all that new knowledge to use! Flight search engines like FareDepot offer all the services and combos mentioned above in just a click of a button.

For your last minute flights on international flights or business flights, FareDepot is budget fares to give you a deal or two. Be sure to take advantage of this and check out the best flight deals we have on offer!