How to Get Around Europe

How to Get Around Europe 

When you’re traveling around Europe, you don’t want to experience any challenges or complications that could ruin your travels. You should be enjoying yourself, taking in the exotic sites, meeting new people, and trying all sorts of local cuisine. You shouldn’t have to worry about how you get to your destination, just where you want to.   

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Amsterdam, Kingdom of the Netherlands  

Amsterdam provides many great choices for transportation. Bikes are provided for rent at around $8.50 a day, with which you can follow the many well-organized and historic bike trails around the city. There are also canal buses that are ideal for exploring the city in style and comfort. If you take the Museumboat, it will take you to such local landmarks such as the Anne Frank House. 

Madrid, Spain 

The subway is the most efficient form of travel in Madrid. It is well-maintained, easy to use, and very cheap. The trains run until 2 am and cost only $7.40 for 10 tickets. You can also take an aerial tram ride that costs even less, but is quite slower. 


Lisbon, Portugal 

In Lisbon, subway trains leave every 2 minutes during rush hour traffic and every 5 minutes at all other times. Besides the trains, you can return on trams, which are rather slow, but are worth taking because of the vivid scenery of the cities and landscapes that you will pass. The overall costs of transport is about $3.85 per day. 

Paris, France 

Here, you can enjoy the city, taking the metro until 1 in the morning. The day pass is equal to about $10. You can also take buses throughout the city, which cost $13. But consider the fact that they are slow, as each one makes about 8 stops a day along the Seine. However, on this path, you will see the Eiffel Tower, the Jardin des Plantes, and many other amazing places around the city. 

London, England 

The best way to explore and get around London is to take the train, or the Tube, as the citizens call it, serves almost 300 stations in six zones, running each day until 12:30 am. The day passes cost around $6. It is best if you view the news beforehand just to make sure that the schedules are on time. Buses are also an option.

Rome, Italy 

In Rome, the most efficient way to travel is by cab, as they are inexpensive and easily accessible. They’re located throughout the city and easy to catch. The average fare is about $6. If you’d like to take the more scenic route then you should consider traveling by boat. The riverboats travel between Tiber Island and the Duca D’Aosta bridge until 7:45 pm daily, with about $3 per ticket.  

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