Travel Hacks on How to Get Cheap Business Class Tickets to Anywhere

Most of us have silently wished for an upgrade to business class flights while checking in. For all the privileges the business class travelers enjoy from the luxurious lounges to the fancy food, we have all wanted to try our luck at the free upgrades. To get down from the flight looking entirely fresh doesn’t hurt either.

Well, guess what, there are a few factors that might make the luck turn in your direction when it comes to bagging a free upgrade. To start with, there are ways to book the cheap business class flights in the first place. In this article, we will enlighten you in on the secrets of how to get cheap business class tickets. We will also tell you what to keep in mind, for you to get a free upgrade at the last minute.  

1. Be flexible to Find Cheap Business Class Flights

travel flexible with time

If you haven't finalized the dates for your trip, then it is an excellent option to be flexible on your travel dates. When you search, there will be predictions on which day of which month the lowest prices are available for cheap business class tickets.

The other way to work your flexibility is regarding the destinations. If you haven't chosen a travel spot, you can look up for the destinations with the lowest airfare. When specific destinations aren't selling tickets fast, the airlines tend to put up sales on them. So make sure you search for all places of interest before you finalize on one.

The best way for you to compare the low airfares of multiple airlines would be by using websites such as FareDepot. With sites like ours, you can easily find which is the best for you in different flight classes and destinations. You will also have options to choose flexible dates and destinations.

2. Book from Another Departure Airport

travel airport departureMost of us look for airlines from the main airports. But for those who have multiple airports in their cities, you can change the departure airports to see if they have discount airfare on business class flights from there. In some instances, the secondary airport of the city might have subsidies or are working with budget airlines that might get you a cheaper fare. Even if it is an extra hour of travel, it might be worth it if you get to fly in class.


3. Business class seats at an economy price on low-cost carriers


Depending on your destination, you might get a great deal on your business class flights at the cost of an economy seat in your country. Budget airlines are flying in many countries that give airfare for comparatively cheaper prices. For example, Singapore Airlines has a low-cost business class section called ScootBiz. This business class is almost equivalent to a premium economy that comes with a 30 kg baggage allowance, wider leg spaces, and other privileges including meals and free drinks.

On fare comparison websites, you can easily find this when you look for cheap business class flights.

4. Bid for an Upgrade in Online Auctions

Some airlines conduct auctions for their business class tickets to its economy passengers. If there are vacant seats to be filled, passengers are offered a chance to upgrade to business class by placing a blind bid on the seats. The winning passenger would get the confirmed tickets. This isn't a sure set way to bag business class tickets, but it's well worth a try.

Just follow their emails and check your spam folder not to miss any of them. You will be notified via an email if the airlines think you are eligible for an upgrade and you can pace the best from their websites. Alternatively, you could ask for fixed price upgrades while you check in at the airport.

The downside here is you will never know if you will get it or not. Here’s how it works with the prominent airlines.

Virgin Australia – The eligible passengers for the UpgradeMe Premium Bid auctions, are notified by email one week before their departure date. Passengers can make a bid on their premium economy or business class seats. Virgin Australia sets a limit of minimum and maximum prices to avoid exaggerated and unrealistic proposals. This auction is available only if you booked from the official website of Virgin Australia.

Qantas – The scheme Bid Now Upgrades scheme is available on few international and domestic flights by invitation for selected passengers with economy tickets. Passengers will receive an email one week before their travel in case their plane is eligible. You can use both your frequent flyer miles and cash to place your bid. You will be notified between 12 and 24 hours before your flight if your bid is successful.

Other airlines like Malaysia Airlines (MHUpgrade), Etihad Airways (PlusGrade), and Cathay Pacific (Enhance) also offer similar online upgrade auctions. Whichever your airline is, it is always best to keep track of their newsletter not to miss out on any deals.

5. Sign up for Frequent Flyer Loyalty Programs

Frequent Flyer Loyalty Programs

Getting a membership with the airlines would do you some serious good if you fly a lot. Airlines love their loyal customers, and they offer exclusive deals and services for them. Even without them, you could add up the flyer points and even pay for on ticket without using any cash.

There are also many new loyalty programs offered by airlines now. Offers such as family pooling can come in handy for your family vacations. Airlines like Virgin and Qantas also allows you to add up points from other purchases than flights that can be used to redeem for business class tickets.

Also, sign up for airline-branded credit cards that could help you save you some points. If you run a  business, then this credit card will be of a lot more us to you while adding up points.

6. Lookout for Airlines’ sales on Business Class Airfares

business class flight

Even if your destination is one of the most sought-after ones, all airlines will conduct a sale on the tickets once in a while. If you have been planning for a holiday without a specific date in mind, it is advisable to be on the lookout for these sales.

The best way to be alert for this is to subscribe to their newsletters. Many offers such as  ‘companion fly free’ or early bird special fares along with tour packages are offered by airlines these days. Social media is also another platform where you can find coupon codes for such travels. Keep an eye out on their official pages and even popular travel blogs for a promotional offer.

7. Book with connections

Booking connections with multiple layovers than direct flights can get you extremely cheap flights. If you are flying lost distance, opt for layovers in more competitive countries. Airlines always tend to charge more for direct connections. If you choose this way, you might be able to get business class tickets cheaper, and even better you might enjoy another city if you have a little too much of layover time.

8. Be an Early bird or a Really Late One

early bird flights

It is a common known fact that booking airline tickets as early as possible could get you cheaper rates. Same goes for finding the most competitive business class tickets too.

On the other hand, if you book late, there might be few unfilled business class tickets that are available to you on low airfare. It is a little risky to wait around for this one though, But in case you are planning for the last minute flight, double checking on the business class tickets would turn out to be a right decision.

9. Dress to Kill and don't Hesitate to Ask for an Upgrade

smart dress travel

Both points above mentioned will never hurt you in any situation. There is always a chance that not all of the seats are filled up, and airlines hate when it happens. In such cases, they might pick one from economy class, and it just might be your lucky day for the free upgrade.

There are more chances if you are getting picked if you are traveling solo. You could always be extra polite and ask at the check-in counter whether any business class tickets are available for an upgrade. What if you get lucky.

10. Exchange your flying troubles for free upgrades

Now this one is best kept as the last option in mind. If a scenario arises where your flight is delayed, or you miss a connection because of a delayed flight, don't hesitate to ask the airlines for an upgrade to the business class in exchange of the inconveniences caused to you by them. It doesn't always work, but many airlines provide free accommodation in cases of missing connections and such. It would never hurt for you to ask and you would have more chances if you are a frequent flyer.

Now that you have some tricks up your sleeves be don’t forget to use them on your next travel. You can start by looking for cheap international flights at our website and search for business class tickets with the flexible options. Even for your last minute flights, we will have the best deals listed out for you on both economy and business flights.