10 Ways on How to Get Free Flights (Almost)

Everybody wants to travel these days. There was a time when we used to dream about vacations just to get out of our hectic daily lives. But now the scenario has changed. Travelling has even become a profession for many, and they have proved that it is indeed possible to travel in a budget.

If you are hoping to travel internationally, the thing that is going to cost you most is the transport. And we just have to figure out inventive ways to save a few bucks on flights. Luckily, there are already a few that have been proven to get you free airline tickets or an upgrade. These are not your typical early bird and which days to book kind of list, but rather a few out of the box or even long reach ways to bag a ticket. Few of them might even make you wonder if it's actually possible or even sound lame, but trust us, experienced cunning travelers say that it’s worth giving a shot.

So find out what you can do to get free plane tickets for your air journeys.

1. Volunteer to a Bump in Seat

Volunteer to a Bump in Seat

You might already be familiar with this one. There are two ways to get a bump. One is if you have got tickets on a flight that is overbooked, you might be asked to give up your seats in return for some incentive. When you volunteer, you might get a discount on your future flight.

Another way to get a bump is if the business cabin is not booked, you might be offered a bump to the business or first class from your economy. You are more probably to get one if you are traveling solo.

2. Stack Up your Miles

Stack Up your Miles

If you are frequently traveling, you should be aware of the importance of Frequent Flyer Program. Collect your miles, and you can exchange them for a flight ticket without having to pay a penny. Wondering how to collect airline miles? You can earn the most miles by booking the longest route for your flight. Alternatively, you could also add up the miles by making purchases with airline credit cards. Saving up these miles could get you a good discount even if not worthy enough to pay in full for your ticket.

3. Register a Polite Discontent

Register a Polite Discontent

If you had had some issues with the same airline previously, we don’t mean silly things like you didn't like the food; but something serious like a sanitation problem, the airline will try its best to compensate you. This might even happen to be a voucher for a free journey. This might not happen always, but most times airlines positively take a polite, formal complaint, and you will get some discount for an airline program. So next time if you experience something unpleasant make sure to note down the flight number and personnel involved and let the airlines know. It is not just to get a free flight but also will prove to be helpful for future passengers.

4. Keep an Eye out for Incentives

Keep an Eye out for Incentives

This is not something you can do with the sole purpose of getting flight tickets, but it is another tip on how to buy plane tickets as a gift. Free airline tickets are offered as giveaways when you open a bank account or take a mortgage. So if you are doing such things, see whether there is an option to opt for flight tickets among the gifts they offer. Usually, this comes with a substantial investment you make.

5. Redeem The Credit Card Rewards

Redeem The Credit Card Rewards 

The concept is similar to Frequent Flyer Miles. While using credit or debit cards, you accumulate points for every purchase you make. With the, you can make purchases on flights. This is possible with the majority of the banks. If you have an airline company card, then the points you collect could be even more. Airlines like Delta, American Airlines all have their own credit cards,

6. Make Use of your Connections

Redeem The Credit Card Rewards

Employee discount applies to airlines too; thus airline jobs come with extra privilege. One way to get this is by, of course, becoming an employee yourself. If you are a frequent flyer and doesn't have any company to sponsor you, you could actually look to work with an airline full time or part.

Or just pull strings with friends of friends, acquaintances or anyone you know who might get a discount on airlines.

7. Ask for Tickets as a Gift

Tickets as a Gift

This tip might be a lot useful for festivities or any special occasions. You are going to register for gifts or about to get something for your birthday, make it loud and clear that you want flight tickets. Yes someone has to still pay for them, but as long it is not you it is okay right? If the tickets could cost a lot more than being able to be afforded by one person, ask for contributions from everyone so that you can buy one. Even if you don't get the full amount, you still don't have to put in the whole amount yourself.

8. Miles than Money

Miles than Money

It is not just money that could be requested as gifts. If you know or have any friends who frequently travel for work, you could request them to transfer a few miles to you. So they won’t have to spend anything to get you a gift, and you will be extra happy too.

9. Win Flight Tickets

Win Flight Tickets

Don’t underestimate the power of following airlines and travel pages on social media. Giveaways during festive seasons or sales are now picking up a trend. You can't exactly know how to win a sweepstakes, but with luck on your side, you might be able to get a free ticket for yourself.

10. Be on Alert For Mistakes

Be on Alert For Mistakes

Airlines do tend to make mistakes. There are times when flight tickets are offered for meager prices. By the time the airline figured out the error, many had taken advantage of it. The best way to not miss out these is by signing up on alerts for your flight search. The minute any price drop happens you will be notified. You can also follow forums and travel pages to get notifications for any price changes.

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