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How to Pack for Brussels

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So, you booked your very cheap international flight to Brussels, you have your list of must-see attractions, and you’re ready to have your first taste of authentic Belgian beer, now comes the hard part, pulling that dusty suitcase out of the closet and deciding what to pack. Here are just a few essentials you’re not going to want to forget for your first Belgium adventure. 


Very Cheap International Flights to Brussels


When packing your wardrobe for the Brussels you should be prepared for a wide range of weather and climate. Around the same time of year, Brussels weather can be quite warm and quite chilly depending on the time of day. Layers, a packable down jacket, and an umbrella are all items that will come in handy through the unpredictable weather in Brussels


Brussels is an extremely walkable city, leisurely strolls and exploring the city by foot is half the fun, don’t let uncomfortable walking shoes hold you back.


Don’t forget to bring chargers for your electronics (phone, laptop, cameras, etc.)  if you’re bringing a camera, make sure you bring extra memory cards. If you are using your cell phone as your primary device for taking photos, make sure you have a sufficient amount of storage.

Where Can I Get Very Cheap International Flights to Belgium?

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