How to Save Money while Visiting London

London, one of the most magnificent cities in the world, is tough on its residents itself, let alone the visitors. While there are many free ways to enjoy the city, you still need to be prepared to control your finances even if you are not on a tight budget. Because London has the power to lure you out of money.

But it's not all that bad. With a few London travel tips under your sleeve, you can enjoy cover all the top places to see in London. You are just in the right place to know about ways to save money while visiting London.

1. Stay in Central London


You might want to start planning even before you get to London to save money. Getting accommodation at the right place could make all the difference. Try to stay within zones 1-3. Almost all the significant attractions fall within these zones and thus will reduce your dependency on transportation other than to get from Heathrow to Central London and vice versa. This will make sure that you are in proximity some of the best restaurants and pubs in London.

2. Look for Cheap Accommodation


A little time spent searching for the right place will not harm you in any way. You might need to spend days to find the place with all the variables coming together; the price, the comfort, and the location. There is a myriad of accommodation options in London including B & Bs, Airbnb, hotels, hostels and even shared accommodation.

The Student hall Apartments are also great options. Most of them are in the city center and only a  quick walk to the attractions. Look for apartment options with a small pantry so you can try to make meals at home.

3. Stock up from Supermarkets

London Supermarkets

London has many charming restaurants, but they also lean to the expensive side. While it is fun to eat outside, it would also be a smart choice to pick up a few meals from the local supermarket. You can get a meal for under 4 dollars that include a sandwich or a salad, with a snack and a drink. Look for such chains so you can buy a meal, take it out to a park and have a picnic.

Also, remember to carry snacks around with you. This will make sure that you don’t spend unnecessarily in a cafe when you can satisfy the hunger with a bag of chips.

4. Walk, walk and then Walk some more


London’s tubes are all the rave, but it is a city that has plenty of sights for pedestrians. Wear some comfortable shoes and walk along the pretty road. You will see a lot more of London this way than choosing to take a tube every time. Once you get to know the city by walking, you will resort to the same everywhere you go.

5. Hop on the London Buses


If you are not a fan of walking around or your health does not permit it, the next best option in line is to board the London buses. We are not talking about the tourist hop on hop off buses but the ones in the public transportation system. This allows you to see more of the city rather than by traveling in underground tubes, and is much cheaper than tourist buses. You can get travel passes that cover both the trams and buses for £21.20 for a 7-day pass while a hop on the bus could cost you more for 24 hours alone.

6. Get a London Pass Card or an Oyster Card

London Pass Card

One of the first things to do in London is to get a transport card. There are a few to choose from. If you are not traveling with a contactless bank card, then getting a visitor Oyster card is imminent. It costs £3, and you can pay as you go. It is cheaper than buying individual tickets for each journey, with daily fares charged at £6.60. You can buy it online also before the journey.

There is another option of purchasing a London Pass card that includes free entry to many attractions, river cruises and discounts for shopping and such. This one starts from  £69 a person.

7. Look for Discounts

London Pass Card

Many websites sell tickets for attractions with offers that include 2 for 1 sale. You can find such discounts on Time Out and Attraction Tix. This not only provides for tourist sites but also for restaurants,  pubs and other services. This will especially come in handy if you are traveling in a group. A few sites for such purposes include Groupon, Wowcher, and LivingSocial.

8. Look out for Free sites

British Museum

Many attractions in London offer free admission for everyone on certain days of the week or month. If you plan ahead a little, it is possible to work your itinerary around these days. For famous museums like the Tate Modern, British Museum and Natural History Museum, the permanent collections are free, and you have to pay only for special exhibits going on. The other free things to do in London also include visiting places like the Borough market and the South Bank.

9. Take in the Free City Views

Greenwich Park

London has many viewpoints to get the panoramic views of the city from many angles. Some of these include the Sky Garden, Greenwich Park, and Primrose Hill. The entry for free access might come with a few conditions. So check online before you add this activity to the day.

10. Go for Free tours in London

Greenwich Park

London offers many free walking tours of various aspects of the city including street art, architecture, fashion, history, etc. If you are looking for some insight rather than just walking around, combine these two and take one of the free tours. It is a great way to experience the city through a local’s eye. A simple online search will give you more details on the same.

So that is the best London travel guide you can find for saving money. But the first step towards that is to find cheap international flights.

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