How to Travel Brazil on a Budget

How to Travel Brazil on a Budget

Have you experienced Rio like a Carioca? There’s hardly a globe trotter in this world who has travelled to Rio De Janeiro and has not fallen hopelessly in love with its mystique beauty.

This marvellous city blends in varied aspects into a unified whole i.e. the alluring white sandy beaches, the rain-forest covered peaks, the breathtaking and awe inspiring architecture that includes the art-deco building, mesmerizing galleries and beaux-art theatres to the tree-lined streets. This city will have you completely intrigued and will make you want to prolong your stay.

Planning to visit Rio De Janeiro, but don’t know which places to see and explore? Take note of the places discussed below and you will discover the city’s most captivating treasures.


6: Explore And Discover Corcovado 

You must have seen this much famous Christ figurine towering high up in the sky in many videos, movies and wallpapers. This is one of the prominent glimpses of this city. Known as Christ the Redeemer, this pristine white statue overlooks the entire city of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. It is considered to be one of the popular religious monuments in the city and over all these years have become an iconic symbol for Rio De Janeiro, in addition to the Rio Carnival, Copacabana beach and the Sugarloaf Mountain.


5: Visit Centro

This is known as the financial and commercial center for Rio De Janeiro and has all the aspects that make a throbbing cosmopolitan city. However, underneath the shade of the traffic-clogged boulevards and skyscrapers, here you will get a feel of the city in early years. As you walk into the National History Museum located here at the earlier 1764 arsenal that houses everything from the royal and historical relics and carriages you almost do a time travel back to the early history of Rio De Janeiro. Apart from the stunning grand buildings revolving around Centro, the gilded baroque splendour that emanates from the Mosteiro de São Bento established in the 17th century to the well-known Theatro Municipal belonging to 1905 influenced by Paris Opera, there are other aspects to visit and discover in Centro. One popular name is the Paço Imperia that was a prominent spot of power in the early Portuguese reign in Rio. In the recent times, the building is restored and it showcases multiple art galleries and quaint restaurants.


4: Explore Tijuca National Park

Situated almost at a distance of 12.5 miles from central Rio de Janeiro, this amazing park is an elaborate reserve of nature that houses waterfalls, high rocky peals, and tropical special and wild animals. This park is known to be the biggest urban forest in the world and is categorized into three sections, namely the Gavea Rock, Tijuca Forest and the Hill of Carioca.


3: Witness The Sao Bento Monastery

This popular historical monastery was established back in 1590 by two monks that came down from Bahia.  Today, it is taken to be one of the crucial landmarks in the heritage of Brazilian architecture.  The monument also falls under the UNESCO World Heritage. The works of art and architecture that it carries are something mesmerizing for every visitor who watches it.  



2: Experience Rio's Word-Famous Carnaval do Brasil

If you get the timing correct, then this is going to be a must attend event for you. The Rio Carnival is an annual extravaganza that pulls up to millions of international and Brazilian tourists who wants to get engrossed in this vibrant fiesta. The colourful parade that takes place on Marquês de Sapucai is something that you should not miss by any chance. So if you are planning to experience the carnivals get searching on the dates make good use of the internet and then plan your vacation accordingly. This is a melting pot of many nationalities that will leave you with unmatched experience for life.


1: Devour Traditional Feijoada

A meal that is very typical of Rio De Janeiro is usually served on the Saturdays. So if your vacation includes a weekend, it’s perfect for you to savour this. In the recent times, feijoada is cooked using pork chops as the primary ingredient in the form of smoked or fresh sausages, including port ears and feet and cooked in oil. Post this it is seasoned with onions, garlic and laurel. The crucial side dishes served with it includes green cabbage, white rice that is further served with fried bacon en farofa along with a spice sauce that is mouth-watering to say the least.


So...You're Planning A Trip, Right!?

If you are wondering about the ideal time to visit Rio De Janeiro, then it is during New Year’s Eve. However, during this time the hotel prices are a bit steep. So if you are looking at a budget trip then choose the off season that ranges between the months of February and March. June and July too are fine months to visit as well since climatically the temperatures are standard and comfortable for one to roam and explore various places. Though not always the case, April often records rainfall and floods; therefore, it is best to avert the month of April. Overall, Rio De Janeiro has a comfortable and soothing climate throughout the year that allows you to be at complete ease and enjoy your stay here.


Now that you have an idea which places to visit in this city and the best time to make your visit, what is stopping you from booking your travels to this magical city? Get your pen and paper and start planning your vacation to Rio De Janeiro! Regardless of when you decide to go, make sure you travel economically. When you travel in a budget-friendly manner make sure to book cheap international flights. Today, there are esteemed travel websites that provide you with discounted airline tickets and other attractive package deals that helps you save big and spend whilst your vacation. Remember, FareDepot is rated an "A" according to the BBB and offers the cheap airfare on the web!