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How to Travel Spain on a Budget

Spain city

Madrid has been the capital Spain since 1561, and it celebrates this fact and just life in general all day, every day. This vibrant metropolis has managed to preserve its timeless traditions while also transforming into a cosmopolitan and modern hot spot. Madrid is filled with art, music, culture, and epicurean pleasure. And you can experience and explore it all without spending a fortune. Keep reading to learn how you can travel to Spain on a budget and where you can find low airfares from New York to Madrid

3 Money Saving Tips in Madrid

1.Take Advantage of Free Museum Days

Madrid is filled with lots of museums that are free on certain days and times. Be sure to investigate before you go so you’ll be able to see can’t miss sights, such as the Prado, for free.

2.Eat a Large Lunch

Lunch is hands-down the least expensive meal in Madrid, and everywhere you will be able to find a “menu del dia” that only costs around 10-15 euros. So eat up!

3.Go On a Complimentary Walking Tour

There is no better way to get to know Madrid than a free walking tour. Check out New Madrid Walking Tours and Cat’s Hostel Walking Tours, which are two of the most popular free tours in the city. You definitely can’t beat the price!

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