How to Travel to Madrid on a Budget

How to Travel to Madrid on a Budget

Madrid City

Are you dying to experience Madrid? But are not prepared to spend a hefty amount of cash on a European getaway? There are plenty of ways to experience this great city without breaking the bank. Below are a few ways to be budget friendly, all while seeing one of the most majestic cities in the world! Also, don’t forget to buy cheap air tickets to Madrid today!


Buy Cheap Air Tickets to Madrid and budget tips

Rent a Bike

Explore the city with ease all while being budget friendly! Renting a bike is a great way to get to different attractions without breaking the bank. BiciMAD is only €2 an hour, and are electric and environmentally friendly.


San Anton Rooftop Bar

Generally, rooftop bars come with pricey cocktails and cover charges. San Anton rooftop bar is the exception to the rule! Its cozy atmosphere is perfect for a late-night drink. Enjoy great drink deals, classy ambiance, and glasses of wine that are only €2.75. You can’t beat it!


El Retiro Park

There are plenty of beautiful parks to choose from in Madrid, but the most famous just might be El Retiro Park. Enjoy endless gardens and trails. This breath-taking park is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Madrid.


Buy Cheap Air Tickets to Madrid

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Buy Cheap Air Tickets to Madrid and budget tips