Most Incredible Places in Scotland

Scotland is truly a magical place. It owes most of its acclamation to the beautiful landscapes, and castles perched on the shores. The sceneries are, to say the least, dramatic in every sense. When the leaves bloom, change the colors and foliage falls down, through every season, Scotland continues to add a little mystic into all its panoramas.


The weather might always be on edge, there might always be a chill in the air, but that does not make Scotland any less appealing. On the contrary, that only adds more mystery to the scapes. From the highlands to the cities, here are the most magical places in Scotland.

1. Loch Ness

Loch Ness

The beauty of the Scottish Highlands is difficult to describe in words. Loch Ness is nestled between the 23 miles of Fort Augustus and Inverness. Though immersed in beauty, the place has gained attention for the elusive Nessie, the Loch Ness monster. The bitterly cold waters are said to be the home of this folklore creature, and apparently, there were many sightings. But till now most of this monster visitors see is at the exhibitions.


If we look past the whole monster part, what you would see is the intense beauty of the region. The loch along with the lighthouses and castles, making it an excellent place for a getaway to nature.

2. Ullapool


Ullapool is another gem of the Scottish highlands. This lovely port city brings the small town feel, with the rocky coats, mountains and gorgeous paths in the inland regions. The town serves as a gateway to the nearby countryside of the Western Isles and is only an hour from Inverness.


Ullapool is described as both a winter and a summer paradise. Situated on the shores of Loch Broom, the town with the whitewashed cottages and harbor paints a very pretty picture. There is also a few shops and restaurants that serve fresh fish from the loch. In September, if you pass by, do not miss the Loopallu music festival hosted by the town.

3. Slains Castle, Cruden Bay

Slains Castle, Cruden Bay

If you love beaches and sunset views Cruden Bay deserves to be on your bucket list. The dramatic cliffs, the breathtaking views, and the white sand beaches are a few of the main attractions. It might seem like the only missing element here to complete the picture would be a towering castle.


Slains Castle is only 15 minutes from Peterhead is just 15 minutes walk from the beach. Nature is quite windy there, making you think of all the surreal settings for fairy tale castles you have read in stories. The castle was initially built in 1597; what you see today is the ruins from the reconstruction done by Francis Hay in 1836. This castle is what inspired Count Dracula’s abode in the famous novel.

4. Edinburgh


Visiting Edinburgh is definitely one of the top things to do in Scotland. The capital city takes the natural beauty of Scotland and pairs it with the high-end city vibes. Edinburgh truly has an old charm, that comes from its century-old architectures and streets that have evolved over the decades. This is one city best experienced on foot.


The royalty of Scotland is at its highest in Edinburgh. Walk through the Royal Mile, watch the sunset from the Carton hill, look down from Arthur’s seat and learn the history of Edinburgh castle; the city can keep you entertained for your entire holiday and never make you feel bored.

5. Orkney


When the Scottish mainland makes way for the islands, the land drapes under a shimmer of sea mists. Orkney island is an archipelago, with vast green flats and almost stripped of trees. The striking red sandstone cliffs and the ancient standing stones date back its heritage back to the Vikings.


Here, the life of the residents reflects on the mood of the sea, as an island that keeps the wrecks of warships are enhancements and make you long for the chirping of seabird colonies. It is one of those places in Scotland with an interesting history that will leave you spellbound.


One of the best attractions here is the Skara Brae, with remains of the village that once thrived 5000 years ago. The Ring of Brodgar is another Neolithic stonehenge believed to be erected between 2500 and 2000 BC.

6. Collieston


Though the village of Colleiston might look like a remote area, it is definitely one of the most beautiful places you will come across in Scotland. The fishing village is situated between Newburgh, and Cruden Bay was once a well-established town. But since the 19th century and the introduction of new fishing technologies, the village could not adapt to it. However, the charm and the essence is still intact.


The beach here, quite secluded from the usual tourist crowd is another appeal. Collision would feel like an out of fairy tale spot, the cliffs behind the beaches are dotted with caves worth exploring. The village is most suited for a stop by especially if you are around the area for a road trip.

7. Strathyre


Strathyre is a Victorian Village near Loch Lomond. Surrounded by the Strathyre forest, the region offers spectacular views of the Loch Lubnaig. It is home to the oldest tree in the UK, that is nearing 5000 years of existence.


A few miles from Strathyre is another important spot, the Balquhidder Church Yar where Rob Roy MacGregor, the Scottish folk hero was buried. A visit here wouldn’t be complete without an overnight stay at one of the log cabins.

8. Falls of Feugh  

Falls of Feugh  

The Falls of Feugh is only a short walk from Banchory. Surrounded by the greens and greys of nature, the falls is a beautiful spot. Most people visit here for the Stone Bridge from where you can watch the salmon jumping. Right beside the bridge, there is also a nice little Tea room for a quick refreshment. The falls is best for a day trip as an escape to nature.


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