Who has Insanely Cheap Flights to Europe

Finding cheap flights to Europe will never stop being a quest for globetrotters. The European continent has always been one of the most enticing places for travelers. Those who haven't visited it, long to visit and those who have been there, hope to come back again. Whether it is for the French romance, Tuscan sun, the Nordic winters or the exquisite cultural landscape, everyone has their own reason for their longing for Europe. 


So the question of how to get last minute flight deals to Europe is still a popular topic on the internet. Well, it is already obvious considering that you are reading this article. Many European airlines have recently started new routes to the US, thus raising the competition quotient in the market. 


So let us get to the point here. Here is a list of all the airlines that fly from the US to Europe, and your best bet to find cheap last minute flights as well. 

1. Wow Air

wow airline

Wow Air, the Icelandic airline is one of the leading budget carriers in Europe. Currently, the airline has flights from around 13 cities in the US to different destinations across Europe. Being a low-cost carrier, the fares are also very favorable for budget travelers. You can even get deals as good as flights from Boston to London for around $100 one way. Most of the Wow Air flights also have a layover in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland; so it might even be a good idea to start your European expedition from the north. However, the one thing you have to note is that the flight fare does not include any check-in baggage allowance or seat selection. 

2. TAP Air Portugal 

TAP Air Portugal 

Though famous for its cheap flights within the European cities itself, the airline has started serving non-stop flights from the US as of June 2019. The national carrier of Portugal has introduced direct flights from San Francisco to Lisbon. These flights run five days a week and come as a great offer for those who wish to choose Portugal as their holiday destination. Economy tickets with Air Portugal run at an average of $800 for a round trip, which is still less than what you might pay for other prominent airlines. 

3. Norwegian Air Shuttle

Norwegian Air Shuttle

Norwegian Airline has been offering some stiff competition to Wow Airlines. Much similar to the later, this Norwegian carrier also flies to 13 US cities but it is more preferred as it offers direct flights. The Dreamliner aircraft is another nice addition of the airline. On good days, you will come across deals as cheap as $200 for a roundtrip from New York to Ireland. Again, keep an eye out for extra baggage fees and weight limits. 

4. Level 

level airline

Level is a lesser-known carrier among the European budget airlines. That hasn’t stopped this Spanish airline to serve direct flights from the US to its major cities. Round trip flights from the Us to Barcelona are offered at rates of around $450 this year. But the catch is that there are only very limited flights and they fly only on selected days too, so you might have to bag the flights early to ensure you get a good deal. 

5. Azores Airlines

Azores Airlines

Previously known as SATA international, this Portuguese carrier has relaunched themselves as Azores Airlines recently. They offer a few direct flights from cities in North America like Boston to major cities in Europe. If you are flying to Portugal, you can get flight deals up to $200 less than what most of the other airlines offer.  A round trip from Boston to Lisbon is usually priced approximately $600, where it is even cheaper to fly to the Azores itself. 

6. XL Airways France 

XL Airways France 

XL Airways France offers flights only to one destination in Europe. But when it is the city of love and lights, maybe that is the only one you need. Inside the US, the airlines cater to Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and New York. You can get a deal of approximately $500 and above for flights to Paris and unlike the other budget carriers of Europe, you do get a free meal on their flights. 

7. Eurowings 


Eurowings has a few flights from various US cities to Austria, Germany and Switzerland, This German carrier is a prominent European budget airline and among those that offers excellent deals for international flights. The only problem is that the airline do not offer the low rates consistently and you will have to keep an eye out to find when they put up the deals not to miss them. 

8. Icelandair


The flag carrier of Iceland offers flights from Boston, New York and Washington DC for rates as low as $600 for a round trip landing at Keflavik International Airport, Even if Iceland is not your primary choice, the airline also has low rates for flights to other Nordic destinations such as Copenhagen for almost the same rates for round trips. 

9. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the world itself, serving many international destinations. Whether you are looking to go to Europe or explore a bit of Eurasia, then direct flights to many major cities are offered by Turkish airlines. Round trips from Cicago and Boston to Istanbul can be bagged at fares of around $650 which is fairly reasonable for a carrier as good as Turkish airlines. 

10. Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines

While Lufthansa might not appear as a budget airline, they also have some great deals for direct flights from US to many cities in Europe. Being one of the largest airlines in the entire world, finding flights to almost any place in Europe would not be a struggle if you choose Lufthansa. 

Alternatively, if you are looking to get to one city in Europe and go for a local budget airline, take a look at the best budget airlines in Europe.

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