The Most Beautiful Italian Villages that Must be Seen

Italian cities are all glorious with world-renowned art and architecture. Millions flock every year to marvel in the sights and attractions that cities like Venice, Florence and Rome has to offer.

However, for the ultimate Italian experience, it is not the cities you should go to. The charm is hidden in the villages in Italy where you will feel heavenly with the best gourmet food and beauty. These Italian villages have retained their culture and heritage with their unparalleled charm that will make you fall in love with them.

If you want to choose an offbeat vacation away from the crowded cities, these 9 incredible small Italian villages will be your best choices.

1. Vernazza


Cinque Terre Italy is already popular among tourists. Vernazza Italy is one of the five villages and said to be the most picturesque. With its terraced mountainside, flanked by colorful houses facing the fishing port, the village has a unique appeal to every traveler.  

The narrow streets, olive trees and fantastic cafes that overlook the Mediterranean, you will absolutely be in a European dreamland in there. The village is surrounded by what is remaining of line fortification built in the 16th century. From here you can also easily access the other four scenic villages of Cinque Terre.

2. Portofino


Portofino Italy is another seaside village that has charmed the entire world. It is also close to Cinque Terre, so you can make a quick visit from any of the five villages. Its colorful harbor and the crescent-shaped bay also boasts centuries-old marine culture.

The village is actually favorite among celebrities and proclaimed artists. You will notice that there are many designer boutiques lining the streets of the village. It also houses many historical and cultural attractions. The Church of Portofino and the Brown Castle are astonishing creations.

3. San Gimignano

San Gimignano

The Tuscan sun and the gorgeous landscape is enough for anyone to go to San Gimignano Italy. This medieval hillside town is an architecture lover’s dream come true. The towers of the village have a rich cultural background to it. Today, the 14 towers that are standing are a part of the 72 towers that originally stood.

The village also embraces the traditional Tuscan cuisine and indeed the splendid Italian wine. Every nook and corner of this village is visually striking and is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy your holidays to walk around a laid-back town and enjoy the Tuscan Flavors.

4. Positano


The steep streets and bright pastel houses that appear to be cascading down to the sea is the picture that Positano Italy strikes of. Set on the Amalfi coast, a range of mountains creates a grand backdrop to this quaint village.

The village is also surrounded by stunning landscapes. From the vineyards of the Amalfi hillside to the sizzling island of Capri, Positano will offer you more than you seek in a small Italian Village.

5. Castelmezzano


It might appear as if all cute Italian villages are on a hillside and has stunning houses. It is undoubtedly true to an extent. Castelmezzano Italy is no different, but it is not overlooking the ocean but the beautiful Basento River.

Set in the natural curve along the hillside, this stone village still has castle fortresses. With the stair streets, a beautiful trail and a high-speed zip line that connects it to the neighboring village of Pietrapertosa.

6. Alberobello


The prehistoric houses of Alberobello Italy have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These limestone dwellings showcase the advanced construction techniques of the craftsmen that could be dated as back as 14th century. These pyramid and dome topped structures arouse curiosity among the travelers even today.

Tourists flock to see the Trullo, the dwellings; you could also experience this by staying in one of them.

7. Manarola


Manarola Italy is as stunning as Vernazza. Another one of the Cinque Terre villages and the oldest among them, the hills of Manarola is enhanced with many rows of vineyards. Wine is not the only celebrated thing in this village. With many historic monuments and lovely trails, Manarola is an authentic Italian settlement with all best parts.

8. Pitigliano  


Located in the southern tip of Tuscany, Pitigliano Italy is different from the other villages in many ways. Dominated by remnants of the Neolithic Age, Bronze and Copper ages, the village has towering monuments everywhere. The streets have cute little shops, and there are surprisingly good squares offering splendid panoramic views. The village might feel a little dry and to browny compared to the other colorful ones, but that is what makes this one stand out.

The town center is actually a bit more active, but you still feel disconnected from the new age world outside. The Medicean Aqueduct is considered to be one of the most remarkable monuments in this town. The outer passageways are flanked by arches, and you will find yourself feeling like you are in a medieval kingdom.

9. Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio

This little town is a lot lesser known primarily because of its topography. But it's one of the most beautiful villages with mighty and dramatic stone passageways and towers you will come across in Italy.

Visiting Civita di Bagnoregio would be more like a treasure hunt experience. There will be one or other cultural aspect or an architectural marvel that you will find on every street. Many restaurants have secret cellars and old pressing machines, and if the owner is a great host, you will be able to see these hidden gems.

The trend of traveling is actually changing. People are looking forward to going to lesser known places rather than visiting popular and crowded cities. If you are one of those explorers, these Italian Villages could be what you needed for your next travel list.

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