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Low International Airfare to Athens | Must Try Greek Specialties in Athens

Athens Food

Dear foodies, it’s time to visit Athens! From fine dining to authentic local hangouts, Athens has something for everyone. Enjoy the eclectic selection of cuisine in this beautiful city, one bite at a time. Here are some must-try specialties in Athens! Also, don’t forget to get your low international airfare to Athens today!


Low International Airfare to Athens

Horiatiki Salata – Greek Salad

In need of a light, delicious snack in Athens? Look no further than a traditional Greek salad! Ingredients include tomatoes, cucumbers, shallots, and traditional Greek olives. These fresh ingredients are then topped with extra virgin Greek olive oil, and feta cheese. Enjoy!



Calling all cheese lovers! This cheese appetizer is what dreams are made of. This yellow cheese is fried, creating a crunchy crust on the outside, and a melted filling on the inside. For extra flavor, squeeze fresh lemon juice on the outside.



At first sight, you might think you are eating hummus, however, this unique spread is made from Fava (yellow split peas.) it’s the perfect spread for any fresh bread of your choice. it’s usually topped with olive oil and onions. The unique flavor will not disappoint!


Low International Airfare to Athens

Now that you know the best dishes in Athens, the final task before you travel off to Greece is booking your flights. Luckily, there is low international airfare to Athens available so that you can get there without emptying out your bank account. For the best flight, hotel, and travel deals look no further than FareDepot. Connect with FareDepot online to learn more today!

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