The Best of Luxury Greek Island Hopping

The allure of the Greek islands goes further beyond its breathtaking oceans. It might be the romantic names or the azure waves, and even the island streets draw you in like a magnet. With the landscape as pretty as a painting and cliffs that leave you speechless, the islands would have even been a vacay spot for Greek Gods.

Today, when the elites of the world choose to spend their holidays here in the most exclusive ones chosen from over 200 islands on the Aegean coast. On the map of luxury, these 10 best Greek islands on ancient Greece has won its prizes for being some of the most extravagant islands in the world itself.

So if you are ever confused on which of the luxury Greek islands to spend a relaxing vacation, here are our top picks to splurge on.

1. Zakynthos


Zakynthos, or how it is popularly called, Zante has come a long way from being a lads’ Greek island.  Its revamp to being the greenest Greek island has had some considerable impact on its tourism. At first sight, the emerald hills cascading down to the cerulean waters will take your breath away. To the south of the island, the natural reserves occupy most of the area hiding away the endangered loggerhead turtles.

The hidden pockets of caves, the Shipwreck Beach, and the gray cliffs adorn the coastlines, while toward the interior pine forests makes it ideal for hikes. The Askos Stone Park, a wildlife sanctuary for deer, chinchillas and other species is another gem of the island. The island owes its luxury tag to the private villas and its lively nightlife.

2. Santorini


Make way for blue rooftops in the magical island of Santorini Greece. Topping almost all charts of Greek islands, the island has plenty of reasons that make it a favorite among travelers. While it is popular among backpackers, there is a side to Santorini that opens up the doors of the most exclusive island hotels with unobstructed ocean views. The best ones incorporate the rustic white architecture of the island to its decks, and there you have, a splendid vacation like no other in the world.

3. Mykonos


Mykonos Greece seems to be getting as famous as Santorini in the last decade among the average traveler. But it has long since been popular among the rich and famous. The island is taken over by unique boutique hotels that gives you an unforgettable stay with pools that extend out to the skies. In here, you will also find some of the most glamorous yachts moored in. The cultural richness of Mykonos is yet another reason for it being a favorite.

4. Koufonisia


Koufonisia has kept its position of the secret seaside for quite some time. But now it is making its mark as a luxury Greek island. Koufonisia owes its charm to the easy-going lifestyle and the rustic ambiance it still impels. But there are many luxury private villas that could be rented and enjoy a secluded vacation away from the chaos. It does sound deal to those who want to get away and have a peaceful island holiday.

5. Rhodes


Rhodes Greece was reinvented to become one of Greece’s top travel destination after World War II. The island clearly is brimming with history and culture. The medieval Rhodes town in the north still has its battlements, Roman ruins, beautiful synagogues, and Byzantine churches. In the south, the island is dotted with luxurious resorts on the stretch of crystal sand.

6. Crete


Crete is the largest of the Greek island and is absolutely stunning. The island has its beautiful cities, stunning Crete Greece beaches, tiny villages, and history enough to make it lively for more than a weekend. The colors of the Venetian harbor picture-perfect port of Symi are all small things that add to the dazzling beauty of the island. As the island is huge, the luxury here is scattered to almost all parts of it. Even in a small village like Tinos, you will find an island retreat with private coves.

7. Skopelos


The exclusivity of Skopelos Greece is mainly due to the fact that you can reach this only on a ferry. With a picturesque Greek port, the island welcomes you to its northern coast. It would come as a surprise that this island was where the legendary Mamma Mia was shot. With gorgeous towns and cliffs, the island is lovely indeed. However, with the lesser crowd, Skopelos offers more to yourself and is definitely one of the extravagant islands of Greece.

8. Kefalonia


Kefalonia might be the most beautiful and colorful islands in mainland Greece. The streets are lined with colorful houses with pretty flowers everywhere, the waters are coral blue, and the beaches are exquisite. The island has a much laid-back pace at both day and night and is a perfect choice for those who love such serenity.

9. Ithaca


A much-loved pick of luxury, the harbor of Vathy would welcome you with a dozen or more yachts. Apart from the tranquil beaches and the forested hills, Ithaca Greece also has trails and even a church at the top where you can get the key from the coffee shop to open it yourself. The island is favored by families to have a low key vacation and have all the privacy of the world to themselves.

10. Folegandros


Even though small, Folegandros has packed so much beauty into it, The streets and white houses of Folegandros Greece might remind you of Santorini. But it has more of a rural setting and an old world charm. The medieval district of Kastro is a pleasant place to spend your summer days, and the local cuisine is a delight.


Greek island hopping always sound so exotic. Now, they also feature as the beautiful holiday destinations too. If you are ever would like to live and dine among the elite in these gorgeous beauties, FareDepot can get you cheap business class flights to them. Start with booking your cheap flights to Greece and enjoy your vacation sipping wine and looking out to the Aegean sea.