Enjoy the Sun in These Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Everyone should take an island vacation at least once a year. But aren't you all bored with the same beaches, so here we are, presenting you with the best islands in the world. Based on the beauty of the sprawling beaches, hidden pockets of culture and untouched wilderness, these 20 most beautiful islands in the world should definitely be on your travel list.

1. Tahiti


Yes, it is indeed Moana's Tahiti. It is immersed with striking natural wonders and luscious green covers that makes it an island paradise.  Apart from the white sands and blue waters, the interior also has brilliant sights of the Fautaua Waterfall. Book cheap flights to Tahiti to enjoy swimming in the blue lagoon and indulge in the Polynesian culture.

2. Santorini


Though this Greek beauty has long been a romantic getaway for couples, it is recently that singles and families have been getting cheap flights to Santorini. The town has more than just white houses and blue rooftops; dotted with wineries and a strong heritage, Santorini can undoubtedly offer you one the best island vacations in the world.

3. Phuket


Don’t just put this aside as an Asian destination. Phuket is a dreamy land by the sea with incredible natural beauty too. The limestone cliffs itself is a marvelous sight accompanied by mountains and rainforests. The Thai cuisine and the vibrant nightlife is another bonus of this Phuket. Get cheap flights to Phuket to rejuvenate in the sea breeze and Thai spa.

4. Cyprus


The wine routes and nature trails here make this island stand apart from many. Booking cheap flights to Cyprus will never disappoint you, the place has a wide array of options for all your interests. The archeological ruins and the coastal views of Cyprus along with the delicious food put together a great vacation spot.

5. Capri


Capri is defined by its luxurious island resorts and life. The Italian island even though small is a famous one among celebrities as their hideaway spot. Fly in style in business flights to Capri and rent a lavish beachside villa to enjoy a vacation by the Amalfi in this quaint little town.

6. Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

The marine life of Galapagos Island keeps surprising us even centuries after its discovery. Massive turtles and peculiar birds will be your company there and obviously the VIPs too. So you might want to stay clear of invading their natural ecosystem and appreciate the biodiversity of the islands.

7. Hawaii - The Big Island

Hawaii - The Big Island

Hawaii has been and always will be the ultimate island spot, especially in the US. Getting cheap flights to Hawaii will give you a unique glimpse into the peculiar culture, the magnetic energy and will teach you to respect nature as it comes. A visit to the lush rainforests in the Volcanic National Park is a must, after all, it is not always that you would get to see an active volcano.  

8. Kauai


The oldest and the rugged island in the Hawaiian Archipelago, Kauai draws a lot of hiking community. The Waimea Canyon is fabled across the world, and the Napali coast often shows on searches up for its spectacular ocean vistas. The island doesn't hold back in beaches either. So plan ahead with your cheap flights to Kauai to enjoy the shorelines of Hanalei Bay.

9. Bora Bora

Bora Bora

The turquoise lagoon surrounded by coral reefs certainly makes one of the prettiest images of the island. The wilderness surrounding the white beaches make plenty of the way for seclusion too. There is no wonder that couples here favor booking cheap flights to Bora Bora to spend their romantic honeymoons.

10. Bali


The island in Bali is a heavenly cultural overdose. The place is pretty as a peach, add a pinch of pagodas and ancient temples, Bali is a magical place to spend your island vacations. There is a lot more to Bali than just beaches. Your cheap flights to Bali not only takes you to white sands but also green paddy fields and magnificent gardens too.

11. Singapore


Singapore might not strike you as an island first, but who says all islands have to be only about beaches and cocktails. This Asian cosmopolitan is a thrilling and engaging island that has the perfect share of fast-paced city life and cool breezes by the sand. Get cheap flights to Singapore, and you can get away to some of the most beautiful islands in Singapore like the Pulau Ubin.

12. Corfu


If the Greek islands have always felt too luxurious for you, Corfu is a friend to budget travelers. The island has a lot more to give along with its pebbles on water. The  Paleokastritsa Monastery and the Palaio Frourio are a few of the cultural offerings that the island has.


13. Crete


Crete offers you the authentic Greek culture and cuisine in a well blended package of oceanfront weather and villages.  The island also has some beautiful remnants of another eram archeological sites and museums that would make up for historical adventures like the Venetian Fortezza or Palace of Knossos.

14. Maldives


For those who love to fly off to the mystic land of Asia and have an island vacation all in one package, the Maldives would be the right answer. But the island claims to have some of the most extravagant island resorts and water villas that would make you want to settle on an island. Get cheap flights to Maldives and dive into the underwater wonderworld of reefs.

15. Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos is a heaven for divers. With one of the world’s largest reef systems, the island houses a few of the world’s most opulent island resorts. Not that surprising when you know that celebrities love to sunbathe and do horseback riding on the beaches here.

16. North Island, New Zealand

North Island, New Zealand

North Island is claimed to be one of the largest islands of the world. You would know how big when we say that Auckland, Wellington, and many other cities form a part of this island. So for such a vast island, there are sure to have a blend of beaches, farmlands, forests, mountains and the charismatic Maori culture too. Get your cheap flights to New Zealand to enjoy the North Island to the fullest.

17. St. Lucia

St. Lucia

Offering an equal measure of both relaxation and the thrill of adventure, St. Lucia is a tropical paradise in the Caribbean. The lush vegetation here houses rare flora and fauna which you can see at the Diamond Botanical Gardens. The view from the coastal peaks like the Gros Pilton is as spectacular as it could get on a Caribbean island.

18. U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Islands

The slow-paced Virgin Islands of the United States might be the one spot where boundaries blur between the land and the sea. You might even walk along iguanas in the sidewalks there. The islands are drop-dead gorgeous and encourage travelers to indulge in the American and Crucian culture.

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