The Most Beautiful Lakes in Canada

Canada is blessed with some of the most dramatic landscapes on earth. With 36 national parks, each hosting its own line of remarkable natural beauty, the country is more than welcoming for nature lovers. Among these are the glisteningly beautiful lakes, set with the picturesque alpines as the background.   


As a whole, the country nestled between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans has over 30,000 lakes. The Great Lakes system itself makes for the largest interconnected waterway in the world. It comprises 20% of the planet’s fresh water. If you are heading to Canada, then make a note of these most stunning lakes. You wouldn’t want to miss these beautiful settings.

1. Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise

The hamlet of Lake Louise is located in the famous Banff National Park of Alberta. Among the many stunning lakes in Canada, this one is definitely the most popular. Though the lake might seem small in area, its surroundings make up for that with astonishing beauty. The region paints a picture of snow-capped mountains, rising above the misty greens of the valley. Scattered around are hiking trails that open to breathtaking views.


The lake is reachable by foot, car or if you are looking for a fun ride, even on horseback. But the best view is a little further onto the waters itself, paddle into the water on a kayak or a canoe. If you are up to the challenge, the top of Fairview Mountain offers the near-perfect view of the Lake Louise below.

2. Peyto Lake, Alberta

Peyto Lake

Another stunning lake that Banff National Park adorns is the Peyto Lake. The landscape around offers many vantage points to snap the azure lake. Bow Summit, the highest point of the Icefields Parkway has a viewing platform that gives you a glimpse of the lake if you can find a spot amongst the crowd. The high amounts of glacier flour that run into the lake gives it a striking turquoise shade. However, there are many trails that could lead to viewpoints with few hikers.

3. Emerald Lake, British Columbia

 Emerald Lake

Yoho National Park has as many as 61 lakes awaiting the visitors. Situated in the Canadian Rockies region, the Emerald Lake Canada stands out for its sparkling greens. Along its bounds are three miles of hiking trails, each featuring splendid spots for views and the President Mountain Range stands all in the backdrop. The Emerald Lake Rocky Mountain National Park is a busy spot all year round offering opportunities for a variety of activities like canoeing and trekking.

4. Lake Memphremagog, Quebec


The Lake Memphremagog occupies a vast area of 1780 square kilometers. It lies equally divided between Vermont and Quebec in Canada. The lake is a wonderful site for recreational activities, which makes it a favorite spot for summertime travelers. It is not just considered the most beautiful in Quebec alone but also in the entire Province. The lake also has a curious legend tied up to it that attracts visitors. Memphre, the 30-foot river monster has said to be spotted here a few times since the 19th century. You will have to go see the lake to verify this by yourself though.

5. Spotted Lake, British Columbia

osoyoos lake

Located near the small town of Osoyoos towards the American border of Washington, the Spotted Lake could easily catch your attention. The lake is famed as one of the warmest lakes in the whole country itself, along with its peculiar look that comes from osmosis during the summer months. Nested between the Similkameen and Okanagan Valleys, the lakes is quite mineral rich and dries up with pools of water and walkable dry spaces in between.

6. Western Brook Pond, Newfoundland

western brook pond newfoundland

The Gros Morne National Park is hardly 27 km from the pretty little town of Rocky Harbor. The Western Brook Pond is famous for its beautiful scenery.  Though called a pond, the Western Brook Pond is nothing less than a lake, with a length of 16 km. in summer months, visitors can take boat tours to leisurely enjoy the sights around. There are billion-year-old rock formations visible from this glacier-fed lake and numerous waterfalls to make it more pleasing.

7. Lake Superior, Ontario

Lake Superior

Lake Superior, accurately named is superior in size to all the other Great Lakes of North America. It is also the largest freshwater lake in the world and shares its boundaries with Canada and America. The whole length of Lake Superior Route has a coastline that offers plenty of spots to camp, hike, and trek to enjoy the rustic natural beauty.  

8. Medicine Lake, Alberta


The Medicine Lake of Alberta lies a few miles south of the world famous Jasper National Park. With top-notch facilities for its visitors, the lake is a must visit place in Canada. It is not essentially a lake, but the spot where the Maligne river accumulates before it disappears as a long stream. It is relatively shallow and has fluctuating levels of water especially in the summer months.


It is a very apt spot for outdoor activities like wildlife watching and bird watching. The 4 mile stretch of the lake is situated at a higher altitude. But with its shallow depth and plentiful trout population, it also performs as a favored angling spot among fishing enthusiasts.

9. Moraine Lake Alberta

Moraine Lake Alberta

Banff National Park has a surplus of natural gems. Moraine Lake Canada is yet another paradise that you will find hidden in the greens of the park. Tucked in the gorgeous valley of the Canadian Rockies, the striking blue of the water comes from the grains of the glacier flour, that melts away from the Rockies. Sitting atop at 6000 feet at the Valley of Ten Peaks, the lake is popular equally among the locals and tourists.


Regardless of which part of Canada you visit, you will have numerous lakes in the near vicinity. The boreal beauty of the Canadian lakes shouldn’t be missed if you get the chance.

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