10 Must Do things in London that are Free

London is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. The global city, with its royals and numerous museums, that cold almost intimidate you gives the impression that there is nothing that comes with no cost in the city.

Nevertheless, for those are planning to backpack in London, there are things doable even for free. Here are the best things to do in London that are free of cost.

1. The Camden Market

Camden Market

Camden Market is a must visit place whether you are trying to get things done for free or not. It is the bug of activity in London for foodies, music lovers, artists or anybody just with any interest of people watching. The Saturday morning market is the largest in London today, with almost 250,000 vendors ready to sell you everything from shoes to a tiara.

2. The Borough Market

Borough Market

The London Borough Market is London’s ultimate food market, much loved by tourists and locals alike. The market has several permanent shops and restaurants and also temporary kiosks set up.

There is a wide array of fresh produce of meat, fruit, vegetables. Cheese, pastries, honey, truffles coffee and the list could go on forever. So after all, you might end up spending a bit, but add that to your meal expenses. A few favorites here include the Utobeer for your thirst for craft beer, Bread Ahead bakery for yummy doughnuts, and Spice mountain to collect spices as souvenirs.

3. The Tate Modern

Tate Modern

London has a considerable number of museums, but there is a silver lining to it. Many of them offer free entry once a month. Tate Modern is among those museums with free admission to its permanent collection every day. Check out the Tate modern hours, and any other exhibit you would want to check out before going. There is a fee for the special exhibitions, but the permanent would suffice to fulfill your museum cravings in London.

The museum focuses on contemporary and modern art, that encourages ideas with new, unusual materials and concepts. The surroundings of Tate Modern are also quite pleasing and worth a stroll. The St. Paul's Cathedral, Shakespeare's Globe and the London bridge are all in the walking distance.

4. The Sky Garden

Sky Garden

Among the many things to accomplish in any city, a 360-degree view of the cityscape does not always come free. So grab the opportunity and head over to the Sky Garden to get the sweeping view of London from Rover Thames to Tower Bridge. If you are visiting from 7 am to 10 am, it is free. After that, you might have to book a slot. The Sky garden also has a few restaurants and bars to sit back and enjoy the view.

5. See the Changing of Guard Ceremony

Changing of Guard Ceremony

There are many quirks that come along with being a royal city. The changed of guard ceremony a the Buckingham Palace is one of them. Right in front of the imposing building with its regal gates and railings, the Queen's guard stand proud every day since 1660. The ceremony of the changing guards last for about 45 minutes and is elaborate with a traditional choreography. They do not have the ceremony every day, so it is best to check for the timing online. Also, if you want a good spot, it is best to be there at least half an hour before.

6. Get the View from Madison Rooftop Bar

Madison Rooftop BarSo if you missed the 7 to 10 am slot at the Sky Garden, this is your next best choice to see the skyline of London. The Madison Rooftop bar is located on the roof of the commercial building One New Change. When we say bar, don’t think you need to go to the bar itself for the view. Two lifts go to the bar; one for those with reservations and one for those who came to see the free view. Let the bouncer know you are here for the view and you will be directed to the corresponding lift. If you go just before sunset, you will get to see the golden glow cast on the rooftops just before the city is illuminated.

7. The South Bank

South Bank

London’s South Bank is the prime cultural district of the city. Start from the south of the Westminster Bridge, to explore and behold the sights of the houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and the London Eye. In between, you will find yourself stopping to enjoy the works of street performers. There is always a mood of festivity in the air here with live acts, pop up bars and smiles on the faces.

The Southbank center is home to live music, art galleries, and amazing street food on weekends. Ramble on to Gabriel’s Wharf to take in the views of the city’s skyline across the Thames. End your walk at the borough market and find some delicious street food to nibble on while you sit and contemplate the fact that you are in one of the fascinating cities in the world.

8. The Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Market

No, not all the free things to do in London are visiting markets. But the markets here are undeniably amazing that you have to check it out. The Spitalfields Market is all about modern tastes. This covered market has to notch collection of food, accessories, clothing, souvenirs, textiles and even live performances that add to the ambiance.

9. St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Constructed in the 18th century, the church’s dome is world famous. There is a fee to tour the St.Paul’s Cathedral to see its fantastic interior. But you can enter for free to attend services; you just have to get the timing right. This will give you some time to explore the church before the ceremony begins, which itself is s beautiful part to attend with soulful music and calming energy.

10. The Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is essentially a park that has all the charm and character of being in London. It is one of the natural, historical landmarks of the city, at 63 meters above the sea level. But the climb is well worth for the cool air and magnificent views from atop. It is a lovely spot to enjoy a picnic, even it is from a supermarket, thus transforming a budget trip into a romantic getaway.

If you pair these free things in London with a few essential things that might cost a bit, you can definitely balance it out. So don’t hesitate to look for cheap flights to London right away from FareDepot. We have amazing budget deals for international flights for your spring and summer break plans.