Must-Have Dishes in Copenhagen

Must-Have Dishes in Copenhagen

You may know Copenhagen as the happiest city in the world. Perhaps it has something to do with the delicious food on every corner. Denmark’s capital is full of trendy and exciting dishes that would have any foodie swooning. Here are three progressive dishes to try while you are exploring Copenhagen! Also, don't forget to book your low airfares to Copenhagen today! 

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Open-Faced Sandwiches

These unique sandwiches were once an affordable lunch option for farmers and factory workers, now they are hip pieces of edible art. An open-faced sandwich with toppings like hard-boiled eggs smoked salmon, and sliced radishes on, sourdough rye bread is a must-have for lunch while in Copenhagen.


Organic Hotdogs

The traditional Danish hotdog is making a comeback. Young chefs are now reinventing this classic treat, by making it a healthier and unique food option. Some toppings include pickles, crispy onions, mustard, ketchup, and remoulade (a sweet mayo sauce). Organic and vegan options are also available for health-conscious customers.



Porridge is affordable and a delicious comfort food. Even though Porridge is an old Nordic dish, young chefs are introducing different flavors and unique pairings. Enjoy this unique take on a classic, all without breaking the bank!


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