Must Try Dishes in Budapest

Planning a trip to Budapest? Don’t miss out on these must-try Hungarian dishes! You will be eating like a local in no time, with these authentic Hungarian dishes. Before you start packing your bags, find the best airline tickets to Budapest today! 


Best Airline Tickets to Budapest and what tp eat


This deep fried doughy flatbread will not disappoint! Enjoy the sour cream and grated cheese or garlic butter. The perfect Lángos should be crisp on the outside and soft and plump in the middle. This snack is popular all year round, and are an affordable and filling treat for any hungry traveler in Budapest!


Kürtoskalács (Chimney Cake)

Made from a long sugary dough, and wrapped around cone-shaped spits, this sweet treat is a must try. Generally topped with cinnamon or walnuts, this warm snack is perfect during the holiday season. They are often sold at Christmas markets thought-out the city.


Töltött Káposzta (Stuffed Cabbage)

This Hungarian favorite is cooked cabbage leaves stuffed with pork and beef, rice, tomatoes, and sauerkraut. Don’t leave Hungary without giving it a try! This authentic local dish is worth a try when exploring Budapest!


Best Airline Tickets to Budapest

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Best Airline Tickets to Budapest and authentic food