10 Ways to Visit Niagara Falls and Have Fun

There is no way to verbalize the mesmerizing beauty of the Niagara Falls. It is a phenomenon to experience, that leaves you stupified in its glory.


But if you thought a trip to Niagara only encompasses gazing at the waterfalls or posing for those stereotypical pictures, then you are wrong. The Canadian part if Niagara falls have many surprises for you.


So you might want to clear your schedule, put your adventure cap on and prepare your mind to enjoy all those smashing things to do in Niagra Falls Canada.


Things to do in Niagra Falls


1. Ride Over the Devil’s Hole

Ride Over the Devil’s Hole

Gather up your courage folks, the Devil’s Hole completely justifies its given name. Take the Whirlpool Jet Boat to battle with the devil, we give you a fair warning that it is not a smooth sail, but it is equally exhilarating. On a helpful note, try to avoid the third and fourth rows or the wet zone, unless you prefer getting all splashed on.

2. Get to the Falls

Get to the Falls

You can see the falls over a barricade, but isn't it better to see it closer, much closer? Take a cruise down on the waters. Depending on which side or country you start from, you will be crossing the falls in that order.


From Canada, You will ride past the American Falls to the Horseshoe Falls, while you stare up at the sheer force and enormity of the falling water. Moreover, you would be surprised at the thundering gush of the water and will feel ridiculed at the power of nature.

3. Visit the Butterfly Arboretum

Visit the Butterfly Arboretum

Other than the falls, the region has the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens nearby. The most suitable word to describe this place would be dreamy with over 2000 butterflies. Depending the season, you might even be lucky to see a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.


The place is especially enjoyable during winter when the temperature controlled is warmer will take you to the feels of a tropical paradise.

4. Get Behind the Falls

Get Behind the Falls

Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to get behind the falls? It is. There is a Niagra Falls tour that takes you to see the world through the water wall. It is a rush that is unparalleled, and you will never forget in your life.

5. Ride the Cable Car

Ride the Cable Car

If you want to have fun but stay away from the waters, why not try to ride above the waters in the sky? Get a bird’s eye view of the water and its surrounding area, while on a cable car ride. The cable car tours are open from Spring to Autumn, a classic entertainment that has been available over the years and still is at the top of the best things to do when you visit Niagra Falls.

6. Get to the Top of the Skylon Tower

Get to the Top of the Skylon Tower

The Skylon Tower provides the “legendary view” of the Niagara Gorge. You will not get a better perspective of the waterfalls from elsewhere. There is a 360-degree Observation deck and a revolving restaurant offering world-class cuisine to complete the experience.

7. Enjoy the Clifton Hill

Enjoy the Clifton Hill

The ambiance at the Niagara changes tremendously when you walk up the hill to Clifton Hill. It will take you to a carnival with giant wheels, scary houses and lots of restaurants and food stalls to keep you busy for hours.


Clifton Hill offers a pass to six attractions, including Skywheel and other rides. There are also several hotels to stay in if you are staying for more than a day.

8. Try your Luck at the Casinos

Try your Luck at the Casinos

There are two casinos at Niagara Falls. The Fallsview Casino is the largest, and the resort area is filled with shops, restaurants, and other entertainment.  It is situated at Murray Hill, so that ensures that you get some spectacular views.


The other one is the Casino Niagara and is just within walking distance to the falls.

9. Take the White Water Walk

Take the White Water Walk

The White Water Walk is famous for simply being a boardwalk, offering many nooks to take a good look at the falls. The walk is beautifully enclosed in the greens of the Niagara Park with the water gurgling down below the walk.


It is located 4 km to the Falls, accessible by public or private transport. There are many other attractions nearby other than the falls itself. The Niagara Glen, the Recreation Trail, Dufferin Island are all amazing spots that the visitors to know more about the local flora and fauna and indulge in nature. The Walk is a seasonal attraction from April to November, depending on how the weather performs.

10. Watch the Fireworks

Watch the Fireworks

Spread across many days throughout the year, when the Niagra Falls weather is perfect, there are fireworks set in the backdrop of the falls. Summer usually tends to be the best time when these free fireworks take place.


Things to do Near Niagra Falls


1. Explore Niagra-on-the-Lake

Explore Niagra-on-the-Lake

Just 20 minutes from the fall, Niagara-on-the-Lake is a historical town. It used to be the capital of Upper Canada. The town has many buildings and monuments that sheds light on to the history of Canada.


One of the highlights here is Fort George. The fort played a significant role in defense of Upper Canada is the War of 1812. The National Historic Site is open from May to October. At the fort, there is a fascinating and frightening tour ghost tour offered in the shades of the night.


Laura Secord, the Canadian heroine’s home is another attraction of the town. She also played a vital role during the war. Next, climb the narrow staircase at the Brock’s Monument for panoramic views of the Niagra region. You can even see up to Lake Ontario from here. The monument, the largest of its kind in Canada, was built as a tribute to commemorate the death of Major-General Sir Isaac Brock who dies in the war of 1812, and also serves as a tomb for two British soldiers too.

2. Explore the Niagara Parkway

Explore the Niagara Parkway

Niagra Parkway has gorgeous paths for cycling and many beautiful spots to stop for the view. You can rent bikes either at the Niagara Falls or at the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. An excellent choice of the trail to cover would be the Niagara River Recreation Trail that is 56 km path that extends from Niagara-on-the-Lake to the Fort Erie.


All these attractions are best in summer. But what if you decide to take off to the falls during any of the other seasons. Let us take a look here at what the different seasons propose for the falls.

Spring at Niagara Falls

Spring at Niagara Falls

Spring is when the falls come alive from the cold that was looming over. It is truly magical with blossoms and the crisp air.


At Queen Victoria Park, the Floral Showhouse sets up with garden beds filled with daffodils, tulips, and flowers of many kinds. There is also the Floral Clock at the Niagara Park made of 19,000 flowers.


The Botanical garden’s hectares of land blooms up with manicured gardens. Then in May, the Springalicious Festival brings in musicians from all over the country for the outdoor music festival.

Autumn at Niagara Falls

Autumn at Niagara Falls

Autumn brings the smell of fruits and wine to the Niagra Gorge. The drive along the Niagara-on-the-Lake is flanked by trees covered with the fall foliage. They blanket over the fields, the parks are ever so colorful, and the greys and browns of the historic buildings pair up almost to a vintage dream. The Niagara River Parkway is indeed one of the most blazing routes to take passing through the hamlets. Every panoramic view is different and a splash of colors.


Golfing is another activity that comes recommended for autumn. The clubhouses of the public golf courses welcome visitors with drinks and food.


If you want to take it a step ahead, run for the Niagara Falls International Marathon happening in late October.

Winter at Niagara Falls  

Winter at Niagara Falls  

In winter, the falls conceive a dramatic look, with the water freezing and the snowy caps appearing everywhere. The frozen falls is an allure by itself and spellbound in many ways. The pubs feature the famous Icewine. The Winter Festival of Lights transforms the falls into a haven of lights from November to January.


The Niagara Falls was once monikered the “Honeymoon Capital of the World.” A few hotels still sport the heart-shaped beds and jacuzzis. You can check in at one of these or go for one of the fanciest suites to celebrate the New Years Eve at one of the most inspiring locations of the world.


With the plenty of options available for Niagra Falls Tours, it wouldn't be difficult to fill your days with exciting activities. If you are visiting Canada, the Falls is one place that has to go on the bucket list.

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