Peruse Colombia on a Budget

Peruse Colombia on a Budget

It is one of the most  striking tourist attractions in the world yet sometimes travelers shy away from visiting this splendid city due to its dense population as well as it's hectic and chaotic urban life. But if you are making a plan to visit Bogota, its crowd will not be a hindrance. You will not find people pushing you on the streets and lanes. It’s just a busy city like any other cosmopolitan city in the world. In terms of attractions you will find world-class museums, a famous and thriving food and restaurant scene, an active nightlife and a splendid colonial essence that still rests in the city.  There are buildings and galleries exhibiting the classical and neo-classical architecture that ranks it as one of the most beautiful cities round the globe. Last but not the least, as you land in this busy city you will see warm, smiling and amicable people around.

Once you have decided to visit Bogota it is essential to make a list of the sites that you want to explore as the city offers an infinite list of activities, experiences and sites to see! If you are wondering which places to touch upon whilst your stay then discussed below are some of the most interesting tourist attractions. 


6: Plaza De Bolivar

This is known as the main square in La Candelaria neighbourhood, which is a hub of political and historical influence on Bogota. As you land here you will find this place to be filled with other tourists like you, amicable pigeons, vendors and street stall holders. This area also features the National Capitol building, the Palace of Justice, Bogota Cathedral and the mayor’s office. It is right here that you will find the Simon Bolivar statue that got established in the year 1846 by the famous Italian artist Pietro Tenerani. This was said to be the very first public monument in the city.


5: Villa De Leyva

Whilst on your vacation you can dedicate a day for this and can stay in this lavish Spanish town overnight. The Villa de Leyva still holds the essence of the old Spanish bygone era and doesn’t have a modern ambiance akin to Bogota. It is replete with cobblestone streets and original buildings. Of all the beautiful things to here in this town is to walk beside a small fountain and a pristine white cathedral that is set against the stunning backdrop of Colombian Highlands. This is where you will get some of the best photo opportunities and capture scenic frames.


4: Explore the Gold Museum

This is something that you shouldn’t be missing at all! Recently renovated and made even swanker than before, Bogota’s Gold Museum is a popular tourist attraction in the city. As you walk into this museum you will get to discover that the way metals, especially gold has been used in the early pre-Hispanic societies that used to reside in an area which today is called Colombia. This museum has three floors that are filled with as many as 6,600 pieces on display from the archaeological sites all over Colombia comprising crowns, breastplates, masks, armours, offerings, jewellery, bowls and many more. When you walk through this museum and glance over its exhibits you will not just come across Colombia’s rich history concerning gold but also get a hang of its art and craftsmanship. The carvings on the crowns and the structure in which the bowls are made are ornate and intricate.


3: Salt Cathedral

This is a place that must dedicate an entire day to do complete justice to the level of grandeur this site exudes. This will take you an hour’s time to reach from Zipaquira. The Salt Cathedral as it is called was carved within a salt mine that is about 590 feet underground. The design and architecture of this Cathedral was done under the guidance of a Bogotan architect named Roswell Garavito. This project got its approval after being reviewed and assessed by the Colombian Architects Society in 1990.  From here you can always spend some quality time exploring the scenic town of Zipaquira.


2: La Candelaria

This is one of the popular spots for most globe trotters travelling to Bogota from round the globe. Simply put, the La Candelaria is a cultural and historical hub in the city. It can be best described as a bohemian neighbourhood in Bogota and exudes a hedonistic and carefree way of life in the way people move around and conduct themselves. The overall ambiance is refreshing and vibrant. This neighbourhood is always filled with tourists and localities. If you are aiming at a place where you can go and unwind and stay away from the city chaos then head towards La Candelaria and walk around here and the cobblestone streets and quaint alleys. There are ancient Spanish houses and buildings which creates an old world charm. There are open-air cafeterias and flower shops that adds to its scenic beauty.


1: The Botero Museum

Located in a renovated colonial building in the center of Bogota’s historical center, the Botero Museum has one of Latin America’s most crucial international art collections. This exhibits the sculptures and paintings of Colombia’s fames artists, named Fernando Botero who is well-known for his depiction of overweight subjects and fruits.


This is a short list considering all that Bogotá has to offer. However, if you have decide to visit this unique city, ensure that you opt in for a budget-friendly tour.  The best way is to book cheap international flights for yourself. This helps you save big and then use the amount you've saved whilst on your vacation to explore and adventure the city.