10 Best Places to Travel When Young in 2019 (Part 2)

Why should you travel when you are young? Well, first of all, you are as free as a bird, then it is the crucial time that you are evolving in your life so travel can inspire and influence you. But the last and the best reason, because, its fun!

So continuing our stride on places that are a must visit for the young hearted spirits, let us see what is left in our list.

6. Northern Thailand

northern thailand

A trip to Thailand is a culmination of nature, culture, and culinary. Start your journey by getting cheap flights to Thailand, and exploring the capacital which is Bangkok. The city is famous for its vibrancy and party culture. You might want to spend a few days there exploring the street food and getting lost in the crowd.

Once you head to Northern Island, it is a completely different scenario. The laid-back serene ambiance of the region will welcome you with a warm heart. The historic city of Ayutthaya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city used to be a capital of the Siamese Kingdom, the remains stand tall and strong taking us back to the mightiness of the empire and the civilization.

Then there is Chiang Mai, with its beautiful temples that serve as the cultural center of Thailand. Chiang Mai is also quite popular for what it offers at very affordable rates. The temple of Chian Pai is yet another place that is a must visit. The temple has idols of even superheroes, aren't you curious now?

Pai is a breath of fresh air with its green fields and is still known as the hippie town. Few other notable spots are Chiang Dao, a beautiful cliff, Lampang for its village charm and Doi Chiang Dao as the highest peak in Thailand.

7. Kerala, India

Kerala, India

Kerala India in monikered as “God’s own Country”. This narrow strip in the southern part of India will overwhelm you with its sheer beauty and incredible cultural. From its beautiful coastlines, tranquil backwaters and thick forests, Kerala has a very strong diversity in terms of vegetation and culture. You can find cheap flights to India that would take you to Kochi. Settle in the old town area or Fort Kochi which still has its colonial architecture conserved. Later head out to the beautiful hill station of Munnar through the winding tea plantations and landscape.

On another day, you can take a houseboat ( a traditional luxury boat with bedrooms and more) to float around the backwaters of Kochi or Aleppey where you will be served freshly caught fish fried right on the boat. And then for the final dose of culture, finish your trip with a day trip to Kalamandalam in Thrissur, where you can watch the many art forms rooted in Kerala. If wildlife adventure is what you have in mind, Wayanad has plenty of them where just a road trip will get you glances of mighty elephants.

8. Belize Beaches

Belize Beaches

Belize Beaches are all about having fun while traveling. Caribbean Sea shore with crystal blue waters, rows of palm trees and Central American jungles will prove that booking cheap flights to Belize is never a bad choice. Belize also has the second largest barrier reef on earth. After staying there a few days, swimming in the ocean, playing with tropical fish and whale sharks, you will surely consider moving there. If so, consider joining the International Volunteer HQ on a private island in Belize. Or you could work along Marine biologists collecting data and working on Marine Conservation projects. You can also take diving lessons there itself.

There is a lot more to Belize though. There are a few wildlife sanctuaries and ruins of the Mayan Empire that you will come across while hiking. They also have fun adventurous activities like zip lining through the jungle.

9. Sumatra, Indonesia

Sumatra, Indonesia

Exotic landscapes and incredible culture pretty much sums up Sumatra. But once you get off your cheap flights to Indonesia,  the rough off beaten paths and unexplored trails will throw you off your comfort zone quickly. Sumatra has tons of things to do. Right from swimming in the calm waters of Lake Toba to the alluring darkness of the jungles of Bukit Lawang where you can watch Orangutans swing right by you, the place astonishes you with its hidden treasures.

The Island of Simeuleu is another gem with its own language and culture. The trek from Banda Aceh to Pulau Weh is a journey sided by spectacular landscapes and is one you will never forget. If you are someone looking for a serene getaway to an island where everything from food to language barrier is intensified, you will learn a once in a lifetime lessons from this trip. But by the end of it, the yoga and beliefs will definitely guide you spiritually.

10. Bamboo Island, Cambodia

Bamboo Island, Cambodia

No, we are not talking about the island from Legend of Zelda, this Bamboo Island is a real place in set off in the coast of Cambodia. Also known as Koh Russei, the island is a petite one with only two beaches.  But the island is very much secluded and doesn't have internet or electricity is provided by two generators only from 6 pm to 11 pm. There are a total number of three resorts, two restaurants, and two bars. So now you get a pretty good picture, this is what “secluded” means.

You will find the residents are very welcoming; they often enjoy communal eating and will welcome you to be a part of it. Once you have booked your cheap flights to Cambodia, you are sure to visit the Angkor Wat and the Bamboo Island are just perfect for a weekend getaway.

Traveling is an addiction. Once you get a taste of it, it is very difficult to stop. And what are we going to in our lives if we do not spend at least a part of it exploring the earth? So stop putting off your holidays and start acting on your travel plans. The first step is to get your flight tickets ready. Go to FareDepot and search for international flights right now!