10 Best Places to Visit in Canada

The first thing you will notice about Canada is its awe-inspiring scenery, The country is vast with miracles of nature making us feel heavenly everywhere we go. The Great White North is indeed blessed with some of the most spectacular coastlines and forests on the planet earth. Not only that, but Canada also has many charming cities and towns still beholding its journey from the French and British influences. 


That said, it is going to a bit difficult to cover this extensive country if you are on a short trip. You will need to enjoy a bit of urban life and balance it with the right dose of nature. If you are headed to Canada, these 10 places would be a great list to try striking off the list. 

1. Quebec City 

Quebec City 

It is perfectly reasonable to call Quebec city the cheaper alternative to Europe. After all, this French descendant city still has mighty French architecture, heritage, and even the language to deliver the ambiance. 


At first sight, it will look a lot familiar to a charming European city. Whether you want to ramble on the cobblestone streets or have a romantic carriage ride, Quebec will have an offer for you. Throw in a few French restaurants and the smell of coffee on the streets, you would surely feel like you are in a romantic France itself. 

2. Calgary 


Summer is indeed the best time to visit Canada, and Calgary is one of our top choices for the season. The whole place comes vibrant with summer fragrances and the summer freshness in the air.


However, Calgary is even more popular for its winter sports. Nested at the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary serves as the base for winter sports enthusiasts. At the Canada Olympic Park, you can watch the athletes train or try your hands in some of the activities yourself. 


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3. Prince Edward Island 

Prince Edward Island 

The smallest province of Canada, Prince Edward Island is a favorite for those who love fresh seafood, the sea breeze and to be surrounded by historic architecture. The beautiful beaches and the red rocky cliffs were immortalized by the “Anne of Green Gables” in 1908. 


Especially the northern shore of the island takes you to picture perfect postcard scenaries. The island is also great for outdoor activities, and even parasailing and whale watching. 

4. Vancouver


Vancouver is famous for many things. It has gorgeous coastlines and breathtaking mountains, inviting visitors to spend their time having a true adrenaline rush. This Canadian city has an equal share of urban beaches, city charm and still feel the true feel of being outdoors in the white north. The city life is dynamic with seasonal cultural festivals and thriving attractions. A few places to note are the Stanley Park, the China town and the food market in Granville. 

5. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a single reason enough to convince anyone to get cheap plane tickets and travel to Canada. The famous Niagara region and the even more alluring waterfalls is a sight everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. 


Surrounding the falls, the region offers a plethora of activities for families, couples and group travelers. One can choose from taking cruises in the river, rafting near the waterfalls. Camping, golfing, museums, theatre, concerts, and even casino to spend days cherishing the beauty of the place. 

6. Yukon 


Being so remote, Yukon does not receive as many visitors as the other Canadian cities. However, the popularity is growing as Yukon is one of the best places in Canada to see the famous Northern Lights. 


In winter, there is a huge demand for cheap last minute flights to Canada as people flock to set camps or simply camping up near one of the glittering lakes.

7. Toronto 


Starting with the CN Tower, Toronto has many reasons to attract visitors. The tower is considered and aptly called “Canada’s Wonder of the World” and complete with a revolving restaurant on top. If you are a thrill seeker, it is a must to try the Edge Walk adventure once at the top. 


The dynamic metropolis of Toronto has other sights too varying from its art scene to being an excellent place for shopping. The city also has many cultural pockets like Little India, Koreatown, and Greektown for you to wander around and try the different flavors. 

8. Nahanni National Park 

Nahanni National Park 

Set in the banks of the South Nahanni River, one of the wildest in North America, the park is home to many spectacular nature pockets and a unique limestone cave system. The Nahanni National Park is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site, being home to magnificent waterfalls and housing animals of the boreal forest like grizzly bears, wolves, and caribou. It is one of the most beautiful spots in Canada worth spending more than a couple of days if you want to immerse yourself in the sheer boldness of nature. 

9. Victoria 


British Columbia is already known for its sweeping landscapes. Victoria, it's capital, is only 90-minute boat ride from Vancouver and demands every traveler to take a detour to stop by. With the envelope of serenity and roots set deep in the colonial past, the touch of British tradition is still obvious here. 


Spend your afternoons sipping English tea or having a good time at the local pub while relishing the harbor views, exploring the museums and gazing at the architecture. 

10. Banff 


For nature buffs, Banff might be the priority of all the places to see in Canada. It offers both luxury and beauty on the plate with snow-capped mountains, emerald lakes and dramatic views over its pristine landscapes. Whether in summer or winter, you are sure to find an endless list of things to do in Banff. 


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