12 Awesome Places to Visit in China

China is a spectrum of many things. It is not only where most of your delicious food comes from, but the land stretches to behold some of the most astounding beauties of the planet. The country is much more than the vibrant city and the Great Wall. The real character lies in hidden treasures of the valleys and the stories passed on by the ethnic groups.

For those who are seeking to explore the fascinating secrets of this mighty country, here is a list of the most amazing places to visit in China that comes highly recommended by the travel bloggers.

1. Put on your Hiking Boots in Hong Kong

 Hong Kong

When you mention Hong Kong, hiking in beautiful places might be the last thing that comes to your mind. Surprisingly, this Chinese city has a few gems in its outer island. The brave and adventurous can try taking the hiking steps to Lantau Peak,  the second highest mountain of Hong Kong and embrace the most magnificent views. The hike will take around 6.5 kilometers, starting through a patch of forest going its way uphill along the ridges, where the panoramic views of the island and sea will welcome you.

The path continues downwards to the iconic Tian Tan Buddha of Hong Kong. To add a little bling in the end, take the cable car down to Tung Chung, to fly over the mountain peaks and taking in the glorious sky.

There are also a few easier trails like the Dragon’s Back Trail and the steep Lion’s Rock hike for those who are seeking a less tedious one.


2. Visit  the Historical Fenghuang


The ancient city of Fenghuang in the Western Hunan Province will make you fall in love at first sight. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns with more than 20 streets lined by 200 ancient houses. A walk along these, and you will see the architectural beauty of the Chinese dating back to the Qing and Ming dynasties.

The town is spectacular at night, with the wooden houses glowing with lights and the mild babbles of the river nearby. It gets even dreamier when the fog settles in the early hours with the boats passing through.  Fenghuang is also the closed gateway to the national park of Zhangjiajie and many other stunning sites like the Longevity Palace, Chaoyang palace, the Eastgate Tower, Hong Bridge, and Wanming pagoda.

3. Seek the Rice Terraces of Yuanyang

Rice Terraces of Yuanyang

The natural wonder of China, the Yuanyang rice terraces has found its way in the Unesco World Heritage list. The rice terraces are an interesting slant for any eyes. There are many places around the region that you can stay in. Xinjie is the biggest town with the most number of tourist services like hotels and restaurants.

It is indeed a very charming little town, surrounded by many small villages with rice terraces. Pugao Laozhai, Bada, Qingkou, and Duoyishu are all close by and could be covered as day trips. It is an authentic experience in China for its rural character. The best time to visit China to see the paddy fields in March during harvest. Or else, from November to march the terraces would be under irrigation.

4. Take a trip to the Glorious Chengdu

glorious chengdu

The home of the spicy Sichuan, Chengdu is filled with the delights of the sumptuous cuisine and its dramatic beauty. It is one of the best places to visit in China through the prism of its flavors. Along the impressive sights like the Chengdu Museum and the Wide and Narrow Street, the place is also home to the renowned Panda Sanctuary.

The city is well connected with public transportation and shows another angle to the cities of China.

5. Tick off the Great Wall of China from your bucket list at Jinshanling

Great Wall of China

Among the many points to gaze at the beauty of the Great Wall of China, Jinshanling is undoubtedly the best. It is located 140 kilometers northeast of Beijing, a little away from the crowds of Mutianyu and Badaling.

The rugged terrain of the Wall here has many original ruins and has very picturesque scenery around. You will even come across sites of many Great Wall of China facts. Through this walk back in the city, the journey also changes in every season. The colors and the ambiance varies, with Autumn offering the best air and surrounding foliage bright with colors. The entire section requires around 4 to 5 hours to hike with a gentle slope.

6. Ride the boats of Wuzhen


With just the right proportion of history, a charm that is paired with some tasty food, Wuzhen is another one of the beautiful towns in China. The beauty of the town has been rendered inspiringly in old Chinese poetry. Being 1300 old, this water townhouses stunning buildings from the ears of Mind and Qing dynasty.

It is easy to get lost in its narrow alleyways, to forget where you are, while you roam around the museums and enjoy the street treats, stinky tofu is a must try.

7. Look for Colors in Zhangye in Gansu Province

zhangye in gansu province

The brilliant hues of the rainbow mountains of Zhangye are utterly captivating. But it is not only the striped mountains that Zhangye has to offer. With two geoparks and its own version of the Grand Canyon at Bonggou Danxia, the Pingshanhu Grand Canyon, the region has plenty to offer.

Among these are many Buddhist temples and grottoes. The culture and the beauty of the landscape will make you feel out of the world. Zhangye also winds off to many off-beaten paths that still has to be explored.   

8. Indulge in the Village beauty of Taoping

Taoping Qiang Village

Taoping Qiang Village is a   secret of the Chengdu province. With a massive network of alleys, underground links and passages, that were initially built 2000 years ago as defensive structures to protect the village from any attack.

This place is best seen with a local guide to know more about the history and the purposes of the defensive measurements. The buildings are also very narrow and tall, and the structure is quite solid that despite its location, it survived the earthquake. The village is well preserved with the interiors kept intact for the visitors.  

9. Explore the Dong Villages in Southwest China

Dong Villages in Southwest China

The intriguing minority of Dong group in China stays close to their roots in the culture, festivals and the way of living Zhaozing Dong Village, only fifteen minutes away from the Congjiang railway station, is easily accessible. It is a place where you can see one of the most primitive ways of living in China, still with all its character sound.

The village bustles with local activities of folks gathered together for a festival or a funeral, or even something as simple as warming by the weather. There would be women dyeing the textiles, and locals sitting together for a talk.

10. Wander around the Old Dali City

Old Dali City

Yunnan Province of China in the north hides another unique gem of the ancient town of Dali. Dating back to the 8th century, the city still has some of its ancient walls that forted the gated town. The houses are mostly traditional Bai style, with sloping roofs, closed yards and small patches of gardens, Most of the town is pedestrian, which makes it easy to stroll around and take in the sights.

The city welcomes travelers with a great array of restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. The South gate is more of a touristy area whereas to witness the local life, and you will have to head down to the north side. Walking along the ancient walls will give you a chance to see the splendid views of the Er Hai Lake to the east and the Cang mountains to the west.

11. Add a little Romance at the West Lake in Hangzhou

West Lake in Hangzhou

Hangzhou west lake is one of the popular places in China. Circled by stunning natural parks, the magnificent West Lake gleam to reflect the beauty of the moon. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site for influencing many oriental gardens not only in China but also in Japan and Korea.

Around the lake, there are countless sights to explore. The Temple of Soul’s Retreat and the Lingam Temple are a few among the cultural highlights. The five-storey pagoda, Leifeng tower is another mighty one depicting the stories of the legendary Chinese heroine. Take a boat ride from Huvin road to the Three Pools that mirrors the moon to enjoy the most breathtaking view.

12. Be Mesmerized by Guilin


Famous as the “finest landscape under heaven” among the Chinese itself, the stunning landscape of Guilin has been an inspiration to many poems, paintings, and literature. The best way to enjoy the scene here is to take a cruise down the Li River. The ride will take you till Yangshuo in four to five hours, while you glare at the endless backdrop of staggering scenery.

Around 100 km from Guilin is another set of Longji rice terraces, famous for its peculiar shape that resemble the scales of a dragon that is cascading down the hill. The Reed Flute Cave is yet another attraction nearby, very close to the city center.

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