Planning Your Thailand Getaway

Are you looking to arrive in a city and not only see a different culture, but truly feel a different culture? Are you looking to feel historical, spiritual and cultural experiences? You want to find adventure, taste exotic new foods and encounter the mysterious and striking temples that affect a culture so deeply. Then you’re going to want to book your flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand, this month’s city spotlight, right away.   

Things to Do in Chiang Mai

Street markets can be the starting point of your journey, as you may have had a long trip and are hungry for authentic and delicious Thai food. Every night you can find vendors lining the Chian Mai Gate, selling everything from spicy to sweet perfect for any mood. Or if you’re walking around during the day looking for a tasty meal, you can visit the Sunday or Saturday Walking Street where you will smell the samosas, dumplings and fried bananas ready for your consumption.

After filling up on delightful local food, take a trip to the mountaintop temple, truly a must-see in Chiang Mai. Getting to Doi Suthep can be done via hiking up the mountain, renting a motorbike or hopping into a songthaew, essentially a red truck that functions as a cab. Either way you decide to go, when you get the the beautiful temple, you will be awestruck. There is a steep staircase to the entrance and once you get to the entrance you will pass the two guard demons at the front. The temple is adorned with beautiful carvings, ornate in every way. Detailed statues of Buddha, dragons and elephants decorate the interior of this magnificent temple. Once you explore the inside of this location, take a walk outside and enjoy the truly spectacular view of the entire city.

Make sure you leave time to explore the natural side of Chiang Mai as well when you book your tickets to Thailand. Take some time and visit the Elephant Nature Park where visitors can spend a day volunteering with the elephants. You can bathe them, feed them, spend time with them near the river, a once in a lifetime experience for many travelers. You can also spend time with tigers in the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai. Getting up close to tigers is not an experience many can claim, so take advantage of the opportunity while you are in Chiang Mai. The Bua Thong Sticky Falls is another natural attraction your can enjoy outdoors or you can even take a boat ride to visit Eakachai houseboats at Mae Ngat Dam.

There are so many amazing things to do, things to see and things to experience in Chiang Mai. Whether you are a traveling foodie looking for the best Thai cuisine, a spiritual traveler looking for the beauty of serene temples, or a nature adventurer looking to get face time with exotic animals, Chiang Mai has something for you. Buy your cheap international plane tickets and start exploring this month’s city spotlight today.