10 Facts about Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways did not take long to be among the top airlines of the world. With its headquarters in Doha, this national carrier of Qatar is now also embodied as the airline that offers some of the best traveling experience to its passengers.


Qatar Airways destinations go up to 150 all across the globe. The airline has long established its success by connecting Asia, Africa, America, and Europe. For such an airline making a significant mark in the industry, there are bound to be a few interesting facts.


Want to know more? Here are ten fun facts about the airline for the curious reader.

1. Qatar Airlines is the Second Best Airline in the World

Qatar Airlines

Qatar Airlines was ranked the world’s second best airline by the Skytrax World Airline Awards. But that is not the only time Qatar award has ranked top. It was the best airline in 2017, only to be taken over by the 2017 runner up Singapore Airlines in 2018.


The airlines also rank first for the best airline to fly in business class rank third for the best economy class in 2018. In previous years, the airline has won many awards in many categories including the best airline in the Middle East and for the best business class lounge. If you check Qatar Airways reviews, it is evident that the airline is highly acclaimed among its loyal commuters, especially by travelers on Qatar Airways Business Class.

2. Qatar Airways has Flights to all Six Continents

Qatar Airways

Among the few airlines that have links from their hub to six continents of the earth, Qatar Airways is a proud one. Consequently, Doha’s Hamad International Airport is one of the five airports that had direct flights to the continents.


The other two such hubs are also in the Middle East with Abu Dhabi and Dubai serving for Etihad and Emirates. The other two airports are the George Bush Airport in Houston and the Johannesburg in South Africa. Among the five, Johannesburg is the only airport in the western part of the world that is in this very exclusive club.

3. Doha to Auckland, the Second Longest Flight in the World

 Doha airport

Until 2018, the direct flight from Doha airport to Auckland held the position of the longest flight in the world.  The distance between these two stops is 14,536 kilometers, and the flight takes 17 hours and 50 minutes for the full journey.


It was only in 2018 that Singapore launches the flight from Singapore to Newark, with a journey time of 18 hours and 30 minutes.


For such exceptionally long commutes, the only suitable aircraft is the 777-200LR, with Lr standing for Longer Range. It includes additional fuel tanks, raked wingtips, and lighter landing gear.

4. Qatar Airways Operated the First Airbus a350

Qatar Airways

The new Airbus A350-900 took off on 15 January 2015 marking its first commercial journey from Doha to Frankfurt. The aircraft went on to become a favorite of the airlines, and when crafted was the most modern in the world.


If you are wondering what makes the Airbus so unique. At that time the development costs alone were estimated at 11 billion Euros. Since then over 43 worldwide customers have ordered the aircraft. Qatar Airways alone has a huge number of 80 Airbus 350s, followed by the 67 owned by Singapore Airlines and 62 by Etihad.

5. Doha Airport is the best in the Middle East

Doha Airport

Doha Airport was voted the best airport in the Middle East consecutively for three years. This was chosen by both passenger voting and by other factors by more than one award organizations. The new hub of Doha Hamad was opened in 2014  and is only 10 kilometers from the center.


This makes it easy to access from the city, unlike many big airports worldwide. The airport is spectacular in design and remarkably quiet compared to other airports. It is also considered as one of the most luxurious airports in the world. Even the communal areas have fancy Italian leather and chrome chairs.


The Airport Nirwana opens doors to Al Safwa Lounge, exclusive for Qatar Airways first class passengers, to bask in luxury in every sense. It has recently received the 5-star designation from Skytrax and has ventured out on a partnership with the German football team, FC Bayern Munich.

6.  The first major carried from the Middle East to join Alliance

Qatar Airways

Since its launch in 1993, the airline has come a long way. It is the first major Gulf Carrier to join the OneWorld Alliance. The iconic moment happened in 2012. Today, Oneworld Alliance consists of 15 full members and is voted as the best alliance for the third consecutive time by Skytrax.

7. Qatar Airways Sponsors FC Barcelona

qatar airways

In 2013, Qatar airways paired with another big league in football, La Liga CHampion FC Barcelona. This thus has given them the chance to star Lionel Messi for promotions. He appears before every movie or video in the inflight entertainment system on every aircraft owned by the airways.


Not only that, but the safety video also features the players telling you how to use the oxygen mask, wear the seat belt and how to handle an emergency.

8. First to Operate A380 and Dreamliner


Apart from A350, Qatar Airways also was the first to operate the new generation aircraft. Its fleet was the first to take off on Dreamliner and A380. While many airlines are going for only one of the three major aircraft, Qatar Airways has a massive fleet with all three of them and is also the first airline to operate the same.

9. The first to Land Airbus A350 in the US

Airbus A350

Qatar Airways A350 network first touched its feet in the Philadelphia airport of the US in 2016. Since then, the airline has been extending this network to multiple cities in the country.


Recently the Airways also announced that they would expand services of  A350-1000 in the US. This particular aircraft had its first landing in New York only in 2018.

10. The Arabian Oryx

The Arabian Oryx

The famous logo of Qatar Airways features the Arabian Oryx. The purple Onyx is the national animal of Qatar and became extinct in the wild in 1972. It was later reintroduced into the wild in 1982. Today, years later it is considered as endangered but still far from extinct, and the program is regarded as an enormous success.

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