7 Glamorous Luxury Ski Resorts for your Winter Holidays

When we say Ski resorts, the picture that comes to your mind would be snow-capped mountains, wooden and glass buildings spreading a faint glow at night and the magic of winter. But for this image to get perfect, it needs a few more flavors too.

The comfort usually inclines to the side of extravagance with a side outdoor splendor accompanied by world-class cuisine in such ski resorts. The concept of luxury chalets are also evolving and stays a notch up when comparing the highly personalized service.

With more and more people looking to lean on luxury for their winter holidays, the number of ski resorts and chalets are increasing every year. Targeting the wealthy clientele, the services offered also go one step further to get you the best and even better for what you pay.

So this forthcoming season, these 8 luxury ski resorts stand out to offer you impeccable service on a silver platter. 


1. Val d’Isère, France


Val d’Isère makes you feel like you have underestimated the beauty of ski resorts up until now. Set near the Italian border of the French Alps, it has all the power to make your ski holidays France a memorable one.

With 300 km of slopes and 1900 m vertical drop, there is nothing more you can expect regarding skiing facilities in any resort. The resort has many hotels and pretty chalets that you can book accommodation in. They also have apartments to rent for the duration of your stay. Cheap flights to France and a stay here in Val d’Isère would make up for a fabulous winter holiday.

The resort takes things a step further with a large number of restaurants serving gourmet and world cuisine. Their array of bars and shopping stops is equally impressive.

Now it is almost impossible to elaborate on all the hotels and chalets that are worth spending a few nights here. However, La Bergerie is a quaint lodge in the La Legettaz district of Val d’Isère. This luxury Chalet has maintained its original stone and wooden features while renovating the ancient shepherd’s hut. The effect is magnificent when blended with top facilities.

Another commendable one to spend ski holidays France is the Calistoga. As the latest addition to the resort, it is situated in the quieter side of the valley in the Le Crêt quartier. It was the former family home of one of Val’s original families, and thus the ostentation is implied. The double height ceilings and panoramic windows let you take in the sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. With an 8 m long pool, five bedrooms and elaborate bathrooms, the chalet can house 10 people to enjoy all the extravagance.

2. Verbier, Switzerland

Verbier, Switzerland

Set in the southwest of Switzerland, this Alpine destination has Italy and France as its border. The resort has its fair share of chalets and hotels all offering a pleasant stay to enjoy the benefits of skiing in the mountains.

Verbier Switzerland offers the best luxury ski holidays; there are four valleys ski area that sprawls over 400 km and is the biggest in Switzerland. Sure, cheap flights to Switzerland doesn't seem like a bad idea for winter breaks. A few notable accommodations include Le Chalet d'Adrien with the perfect ambiance of a ski lodge and The Alpine Estate Chalet that is suitable for large groups.

3. Lech, Austria

Lech, Austria

Lech Austria is the largest ski resort in the country. Even though it is fabled as the one of the most luxurious of winter holidays in Europe, the resort town does have comforts that encourage travelers with all budgets. Hotel & Chalet Aurelio combines the good of both hotel amenities and seclusion of chalets and provides impeccable services with its 5-star superior service. The other two extravagant resorts you can splurge on while saving some in cheap flights to Austria are the Burg Vital Resort at the height of 1400 with the most inspiring views and the Hotel Almhof Schneider, for its long lasting tradition.

4. St Martin de Belleville, France

St Martin de Belleville, France

France does take it ski resorts pretty seriously. Its village air and old stone buildings still maintain the kind of intimacy you would expect to receive in a charming little place. The Baroque style churches and its traditions have been long-standing, and the region has managed to evolve to strive in luxury with its roots intact.

One of the notable properties here is the Chez Bugi, a luxury Chalet that speaks of sumptuous treats in every single manner. With bespoke furniture, textile and designer eclectic elements, the chalet has managed to blend the modern aspects of comfort and richness without losing the essence of  St Martin de Belleville. The floor to ceiling windows let in lights and the dramatic views of the landscape around and is indeed a sight to behold. The chalet has 6 ensuite bedrooms and an open living and dining area.

5. Morzine, France

Morzine, France

Another jewel in the crown of France is Morzine. Even though it is closer to Geneva airport, with only an 80-minute transfer, Morzine France is undoubtedly French. Part of the Portes du Soleil, the ski Morzine has been a favorite of French and English alike even from the Edwardian era. Best suited for families, probably because the altitude is comparatively less to its counterparts, the village is set at 1000 m. However, the après scene is quite lovely here with bars, pubs and lively restaurants.

Among the luxurious accommodations here, Chalet Jejalp is a commendable one. It is highly befitting for a large family and can sleep ten adults and four children. The structure develops around a central atrium, bringing in ample light in the winter days, The highlight here is the stunning display of wine, right in the center covered with glass and running for two floors. There are many entertaining areas, all cozy and snug along with a cinema room, spa, and gym.


6. Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

You definitely don’t require any more reasons that Matterhorn to make a visit to Zermatt Switzerland. As an icon of Swiss Alps and claimed by three countries, France, Italy, and Switzerland, the mountain is also the most photographed one in the world. Here skiing is all year round, and you can even ski till Italy, have lunch and return to Switzerland for dinner.

Chalet Ulysse opens up its windows to the mighty Matterhorn. Zermatt with its ravishing beauty and cogwheels also is a fabulous foodie world. Being car-free, the town welcomes its visitors to roam around and get lost in its beauty. The Chalet is flexible and can sleep eight and another four in its ground floor apartment.

7. Revelstoke, Canada

Revelstoke, Canada

If you were wondering whether the best ski resorts are all in Europe, well Book your cheap flights to Canada, there you have Revelstoke Canada. British Columbia takes pride in the innocent beauty of the Columbia River and Revelstoke Dam making such a pretty picture together for the skiers. Here, Bighorn reimagines luxury at its Ski Chalet. This five-star property focuses on how relaxing they can make your ski holidays. With a soothing spa, sauna, pool, massage rooms, hot tub cinema, and delicious gourmet food. Sleeping up to 16 people in eight guest suites, the Chalet is almost double in size of what you can expect in the Alps. The Sutton Place Hotel is another glamorous one here for staying.

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