Rich or Poor, Save Money with These Smart Travel Tips

book flights with faredepotIf you're rich, you’re probably thinking that you won't need any advice on how to save money when you have enough to spend. Fact is, why would you want to spend more than you have to when you could use that well earned money on something else?

If you're broke and need some help on how to save money during your travel adventures, we hope that these smart travel tips can help you go further in your journeys!

Rule No. 1 - Fly on Cheap Days

If you have the luxury of choosing which days to fly for your holidays, you could browse a range of dates to find yourself cheap flight tickets to the same destination. Often, cheap domestic flights in the United States can be found on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. For international travelers, cheap airline tickets are generally available on weekdays (except Fridays) when compared to weekends.

It is important to check the other days too just in case your travel date and itinerary is one of those anomalies that goes against the general rule.

Rule No. 2 - Fly at Cheaper Times

Have you noticed that certain times throughout the day may cost cheaper than others? For example, some airlines offer cheap flights during dawn, lunch time, and dinner time when compared to 8AM or 9AM flights (a time where people are normally just starting their day).

Flights that are before 8AM may also land you a cheap deal as well as the first flight of the day.

Rule No.3 - Fly Cheaper Routes

The general rule for cheaper routes involve staying away from non-stop flights as they normally are more expensive than connecting flights. This is often the case although it is important to note that there are anomalies that are worth checking out.

If your timetable is flexible enough to handle a longer travel route, it may be worth checking out a connecting flight to save you some Benjamins. How much you can save entirely depends on your luck with the occasional savings of more than 50% when compared to a non-stop flight.

Rule No.4 - Fly Cheaper Seasons

Instead of flying during peak season, try off-peak instead to save you some money as well as avoiding the crowds! Flights during winter to Europe could mean a really cheap return flight deal as low as $300 and to help make your search even easier, use a flight search website such as FareDepot.

Rule No.5 - Fly with Fewer Fees

Avoid having to pay extras such as on-flight entertainment, comfort, and food. All of these expenses add up tremendously with costs at an exorbitant price and often more than triple what they're going for in retail!

Instead of borrowing a pillow, bring one from home. It'll not only save you more money but it'll definitely be more comfortable than what the airlines can provide. Instead of buying food that costs three times more than retail, bring some snacks from home! Instead of borrowing on-flight entertainment packed with a limited amount of movies and media entertainment that you may not fully enjoy, fill your smartphone or tablet with fun activities and entertainment that you actually enjoy.