Things to Keep in Mind for Ryanair Business Plus

Any search of how to travel on a budget in Europe will have Ryanair in at least one of the results. Ryanair is famous as a low budget carrier. It has found its place in many hearts while on the constant search of cheap flight tickets. Indeed with the high risks of being charged with additional fees, the experienced and loyal passengers have found ways to follow the rules and travel with Ryanair flights.

Even in the Ryanair business class, the ticket rate could come under 100 euros. And if you are lucky, it might just be your lucky, and you might even get a few euros off the ticket price. This discount could go up to even 30 euros. It is still a sweet deal to get to Europe, especially in a business cabin.

So how would things be with Ryanair Business Plus? Can the budget airline actually pull off a worthy choice to fly in style? Let us see how Ryanair airlines perform on this.

The Renowned Additional Costs

Ryanair Business Plus

The airline is famous for its extra costs they charge you ate every opportunity. But being a business class, these chances are very slim. However, there is one thing you need to worry about, is the conversion fees for currencies other than euros.

The airline currently uses DCC or Dynamic Currency Conversion. When the website suggests that it will charge you in your home currency, you would feel certainly pleased. But what they don't put it on display, is how much DCC charges you with fees disguised as “customer convenience.”

To avoid this, use a credit card with no fees for foreign currency transactions. If not, the 3% transaction fee might not be such a big deal.

At the Airport

Ryanair Business Plus

The airport experience starts with check-in. Usually, your ticket includes only cabin luggage. For any check-in luggage, you will have to book it separately for an extra fee or pay at the airport. Also, if you don’t check online, then you need to print your boarding pass at the airport, with a charge that could go as high as 70 euros. Ridiculous right?

Taking a business class seat means that you are an elite Ryanair customer. So all these could be done at the airport, without being charged extra. In Business plus, you are allowed two cabin bags up to 10 kg and 20 kg check-in bag. Along with this, you can reserve your seats too, free of charge.

You are also eligible for priority boarding that lets you use the Fast Track line at security. If it is not mentioned in your boarding pass, the desk agent will write it down for you. The Fast Track Security lane is available in only a few selected airports though. You can check the website for that information and confirm whether your departure airport offers this service, so you don’t waste time looking for the lane at the airport.

Another perk is the flexibility in changing your ticket. You can change the destination, time or even the departure airport, with no extra cost.

In the Flight

Ryanair Business Plus

At first sight, the seats in Ryanair economy and Business plus are going to look alike. But if you look closely, you will notice that the seats here have a blue faux- leather upholstery and more legroom. But even in business plus, the seats do not have the ability to recline. The configuration is the same with 3 x 3 in a row.

The in-flight entertainment is as disappointing in Business Plus too. Let's go ahead and say that it is nonexistent. You will receive catalogs, if lucky, a travel magazine, that you can look at before you try to snooze off. There is also no place to keep any of your personal items other than the foldable tray.



The in-flight menu is impressive if you are ready to pay for it. There is no complimentary anything once you board in Ryanair air lines, whether in economy or business plus. But on the menu, you might fight something that is nice, and a simple meal would cost you around $10.

In Conclusion


Ryanair Business Plus is not like any other business class cabins. There is no much difference to it than the economy class, other than the few perks you receive at the airport.

But if in case you don’t mind waiting a few minutes to get on board and pass through the security line; this shouldn't be a problem at all. Considering that the Fast Track line is not even available in many airports, it could not be considered as a solid perk.

So if you are still wondering remember these things before you book the flight.

  • If all you need is the check-in luggage, consider buying that along with your ticket. Don’t waste till the last minute at the airport, where you will be charged even more. Compare the prices of your economy + check-in luggage against Business plus and see whether it is worth.
  • Ryanair has the option for you to buy all the privileges that come with Business Plus with along with the economy ticket. Just like the case of check-in luggage, consider this option, before you proceed with business plus.
  • Whether economy or not, print out your boarding pass anyway. Don’t risk the charge of printing it at the airport.
  • Remember to download movies or tv shows to keep yourself entertained in the flight.
  • If booking in the economy, try to find your place in the boarding line as soon as it starts. Those who are booking Ryanair cheap flights come with only cabin luggage and try to get the most of it. This means, most passengers will have two pieces of cabin luggage. If you don’t get in early, you might not find a place to keep your luggage in the overhead bin. The First come, first serve applies here.


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It is spring already, and summer will be here in the flutter of an eyelid. If your summer vacay stop is Europe, it is almost time to start looking for tickets. Ryanair is one of the cheap airlines to fly to and within Europe.

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