Best Kept Secrets of the Great Wall of China

When you plan a trip to China, visiting the Great Wall of China is at the top of things to do. The numerous pictures we have seen on the internet and books have all made us wonder what makes this structure a real wonder of the world.

From its marvel at engineering and architecture to the legends and myths that follow it, the Great Wall of China has been the reason for many to look for international flight deals to China. Stretched like a dragon tale for miles, the wall has years of ancient history which makes us even more keen to know the what are the best-kept secrets of the Great Wall of China.

For those who are planning a trip and for those who are just curious, we have answers to a few of the most asked questions about the Great Wall of China.

To start with, the Great Wall isn't just one single wall. It is a series of multiple walls and fortifications that was built more than 2000 years ago, even more, China became a unified country. Now as a world wonder and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Great wall attracts thousands of tourists every year. Read more to know about the history, secrets and the travel tips to the greatest wall on earth.

Where is the Great Wall of China?

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The answer is in the question. How silly, right? But where is the Great Wall of China located? The massive long stretch of wall starts from Hushan, Liaoning in the east and extends all the way to the northwest of the country, the city of Jiayuguan. The purpose of the wall was to defend the northern border of the nation. According to a 2012 archeological survey, the wall passes through 15 provinces and extends from the northwest Xinjiang to the Korean border in the east.

There are many sections of this Great Wall that you can visit individually. The famous sections of Badaling, Mutianyu, Simatai, Shanhaiguan all offer diverse sceneries and architectural beauty.

How Long is the Great Wall of China in Miles?

How Long is the Great Wall of China in Miles

A new report says that if all the sections are measured, the wall could be an astounding length of 13,170.7 miles. The most famous part and the most beautiful stretch run for 5,500.3 miles between Hushan to the Jiayuguan Pass. So how long is the Great Wall of China? The main length of the wall is about 2150 miles which are still the record holding length in the world.

If you are wondering about the height, it varies throughout the length from 15 feet to 39 feet.

When Was the Great Wall of China Built?

When Was the Great Wall of China Built

Many dynasties and emperors have contributed to the construction of the Great Wall of China. So it is difficult to say when it was built precisely. The first length of wall dates as back as  770 B.C, but the official word is not stated to begin until 221 B.C under the Emperor Qin Shi Huang. What remains today, the 5,500-mile stretch was built between 368 and 1644 during the Ming dynasty.

Why Was the Great Wall of China Built?

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The wall was initially built as a defense during wartime. Hence it has many towers, watchhouses, and hidden passages.  The proposal was first made by Emperor Qin Shi Huang to create a “long wall” as a defense against nomadic tribes from the north.

Later during the Han Dynasty, the wall was extended to protect Silk Road trade. The Ming Dynasty contributed to extending the wall to become what it is by reinforcing and repairing the structure. During this time, the walls built in previous dynasties were also enlarged into double line or multi-lined walls.


How Was the Great Wall of China Built?

How Was the Great Wall of China BuiltEven though it looks like a wall, the structure is actually a number of fortifications that was built parallel to one another with few side and circular walls. The Great Wall also has portions that are natural barriers like mountains or rivers.

Centuries before the Great Wall of China was built, Chinese dynasties used to construct forts against one another. These forts were mainly made of mud, wood, and stones. During the Ming dynasty, bricks replaced the cut stone which was used in foundations and gateways.

As per, a labor force of 300,000 soldiers, commoners, and prisoners was put to work on the wall by Qin Shi Huang. Thousands died while carrying heavy metals to the top of the ridge lines.

Primitive technology that included wheelbarrows, pulley systems, ropes and animal driven carts was implemented for the oldest section of the Great Wall.


When is the Best Time to Visit the Great Wall of China?

When is the Best Time to Visit the Great Wall of China

The tourists crowd all year round the Great Wall with May and October being the busiest. During the summer and major holidays also the situation is the same.

During winter, the number of tourists drop dramatically and for a reason. The wall will be covered in snow, and it is challenging to walk through the slippery snow in the cold wind.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons to visit. The view of the mountain foliage is spectacular, and the weather is pleasant.

You can also consider June as there are no national holidays and since its off season you might get some good deals on accommodation and tours. There are also options of getting private guided tours that would take you to less crowded parts of the wall, where you will be more relaxed and will actually get to see the wall other than just tourists heads.

Throughout the years, many parts of the Great Wall of China has disappeared or damaged due to natural disasters and human activity. The wall lost its point of function and now stands as a mighty symbol of the Chinese history.

For anyone, the history and the strength of the Great Wall of China are overwhelming. But to truly feel the might of it, one has to see it in with their own eyes. So set out on your journey to the land of China to take a walk through the Great Wall. Find your international flights and cheap flights to China on FareDepot. With our website, you can also get insanely cheap flights on business flights without spending a fortune.