Should I Travel to Beijing?

Beijing is where modern and ancient China meet. Swaying lanterns light the squares and alleyway alongside flashing neon lights. It is home to both the second-greatest economy in the world and is the gateway to China’s imperial past. Why exactly should your travel to this miraculous city by getting low air fares from San Francisco to Beijing? Keep reading to find out! 

4 Reasons to Travel to Beijing

1.The Great Wall: China’s greatest engineering triumph is also a must-see sight for any traveler. Luckily, the most renowned and robust sections of the Great Wall rolls over the peaks and hills of Beijing.

2.Tiananmen Square: This square covers 100 acres, making it not only the largest public square in the world and the political heart of modern China but also a major reason to pack your bags and travel to Beijing.

3.Magnificent Markets: Beijing is filled with numerous amazing outdoor markets that are perfect for bargain shopping. Some of the most noteworthy markets include the Panjiayuan Antiques Market, the Silk Alley Market, and the Yashow Market.

4.The Forbidden City: If you want a true taste of ancient China, you need to visit Beijing’s Forbidden City. It is the largest palace in the world and is the most complete and best-preserved collection of imperial architecture in the country.

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