Six Festivals You Can’t Miss in Europe

Numerous countries in Europe each boast a tapestry of culturally and historically-rich festivals throughout the year, which means your next trip to Europe could offer countless attractions to see and just as many things to do. But first, you must choose the best website for cheap flights, and all other vacation bookings and rentals.

As a company of travel enthusiasts, FareDepot sets itself apart by providing the best prices for flights, rooms, and car rentals for customers all over the world. We diligently update our site and show you all possible prices and options to help you plan for your next trip. Below are some of the most notable festivals in Europe that we think you may want to attend:



For nearly 200 years, the world-renowned Oktoberfest has been held in Munich, Germany. Known as one of the Largest People’s Fairs in the world, its attractions offer traditional Bavarian food and beer, as well as music, parties, and contests. This year’s took place from September 21st to October 6th, so expect a similar time-frame for next year’s festivities.

Nuit Blanche

Taking place sometime in the first week of October, the annual Nuit Blanche, or “White Night”, is Paris’s annual art festival, in which the famous city’s numerous museums, galleries, city halls, cinemas, and other entertainment and cultural landmarks are open free of charge to the public. Into the early morning of the next day, live performances, concerts, and parades occur throughout the streets of Paris. For lively and exciting night in the City of Light, consider planning your next trip during this time of year.


Amsterdam Light Festival

As the winter brings longer nights, it becomes the perfect time for light artists from around the globe to set up their work along Amsterdam’s many canals for the city’s annual Light Festival. Surrounding a common theme, each sculpture or art installation shines spectacularly against the rivers, turning the entire city into a gallery of lights. While the city alone is worthy of travelling to any time of the year, consider planning your next trip sometime during the festival, which takes place over the course of the holidays. In fact, this year’s festival is still ongoing, with it starting on November 28th and ending on January 19th, 2020.

Netherlands Ice Sculpture Festival

In yet another city in the Netherlands is a different, but equally fantastic festival: the Netherlands Ice Sculpture Festival, which takes place in Zwolle, a historic city in the northeastern region of the country. There, artists will be sculpting and building amazing creations made of ice and snow, their shapes ranging from masterful recreations of animals and machines, to renditions of famous paintings. Along with that, there will be an assortment of traditional winter refreshments being served, such as mulled wine, Dutch sausages, and apple strudel. If you are interested in attending, the next Festival is being held on December 14th and running into March 1st of next year, so there will be plenty of time for you to plan a visit soon.


Amsterdam Tulip Festival

Amsterdam is not only wonderful to visit in the Winter, but also exceptional in the Spring. Throughout the month of April, they hold the Amsterdam Tulip Festival, celebrating one of the Netherlands’ most iconic symbols. The titular flower will be on display across the city, acting as bright and colorful centerpieces in every park, restaurant, and landmark that you will visit. If you are thinking of taking a trip to Europe this upcoming spring, take some time to make a stop in Amsterdam and splendor in the city and its beauty, only increased by the beautiful tulips that brighten its streets.


If the overabundance of crowds and cold weather during Oktoberfest doesn’t pique your interest, consider yet another one of Germany’s famous festival’s: Frühlingsfest, also known as the Munich Spring Festival. Taking place between the final week of April and the first week of May, this festival involves a much smaller rate of attendance, but a fantastic set of activities for the whole family to enjoy from its opening day, including live performances, fairground rides, contests, and more. Certain days also hold unique events, such as a massive flea market each Saturday through the duration of the event, or Tuesday “family days”, when prices are lowered for various rides and attractions. So if you want the fun and excitement of Oktoberfest with fewer crowds and more of an emphasis on family fun, check out the Munich Spring Festival.

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