Skiing in Gastein and Grossarl, Austria

Gastein and Grossarl

If you're an avid skier or a newbie interested in trying out the slopes in a more exotic location, Gastein and Grossarl in Austria are both great skiing destinations that offer the bliss and wonders of an Austrian winter.

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Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein

Gastein is the bigger snow mountain that links both Bad Gastein (a classic spa town) and Bad Hofgastein (a more modernized town) together.


This ski area is solely just that without any town or inhabitants around. If you're looking for a challenge, Sportgastein has the highest pistes of the entire ski valley.

Dorfgastein and Grossarl

As you enter the ski valley entrance, the little village of Dorfgastein is situated there with slopes reaching over to Grossarl valley and village. Grossarl village is filled with classy hotels that offer comfortable residence away from the blistering cold. Both Dorfgastein and Grossarl are accessible by using the Ski Amade lift pass responsible for coverage of over 760 kilometers of ski trails (piste) over five snowy regions.


Ski Talk

With over 200 kilometers of ski trails across all three ski paradises, it's hard to pass up on the opportunity to explore the slopes of Austria!

Convenience is at its peak when it comes to Gastein and Grossarl with a free bus shuttle scooting skiers and interested wanderers between each ski area.

When it comes to boasting about heights of snowy peaks, the Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein ski area comprise of several trails with peaks reaching as high as 2.25 kilometers. The heights and thrills offered here are hard to compete with across many other Austrian resorts.

The actual ski experience is bewildering with views of heavenly plush snow set upon beautiful roaring mountains and quaint towns alike. Most of the ski categories are alright for leisurely reds, a few blues, a handful of blacks, and many off-trails to wander about.

If you consider yourself a decent intermediate skier, Bad Hofgastein’s H1 will be an absolute delight and probably will be the highlight of your ski experience at Gastein. With a twisting trail running 10 kilometers from peak to town, it's hard to resist shear and utter enjoyment as you put your skis and skills to the test! This coming winter season opens up for the extension of the Schlossalmbahn gondola that will rise straight to the summit come December 2018.

Although smaller in size, Sportgastein offers a more dramatic high point at 2.68 kilometers and a 360 degree panoramic view of the valleys. Intermediate skiers will find this slope doable with a slight challenge of tree lined ski runs down the way.

For a more relaxed and family-friendly ski experience, Dorfgastein and Grossarl is the place to be with a range of different trails appropriate for all ski levels.


Explore the realms of Austrian winter beauty and set your ski experience apart from the ordinary by visiting Gastein and Grossarl this coming winter. To find cheap flights to Europe, simply visit FareDepot to help make your search a lot easier!