Skipping the Queue: Cheap Business Class Tickets

In the current world of air travel, the cabins that got the most make-over is the business class, From being a non-affordable luxury way of traveling, business class flights have taken a U-turn in offering passengers the best service in many affordable rates. 


Whether you are traveling on a business trip or taking a pleasure holiday, the allure of business class cabins is the same. Today it is much more than just a quiet zone and a curtain partition. Business class cabins open doors to luxury that we never imagined possible on flights. 


For starters, right from the airport, you are always given priority status. From access to the exclusive business lounges to fast security lines, it is only the beginning of the adventures of business travelers. To follow are amenity kits, delicious meals, fine drinks, and the comfort of fresh linens on a flatbed. As you can imagine, the main difference is how you feel by the time you land, not achy and frustrated from the journey, but rather rejuvenated from a pleasant travel experience. Well, it is definitely one of the reasons why business travelers look crisp and ready for their meetings right away. 


They say that, once you go business, it is harder than you think to go back. But it is no secret that this allure comes with a high price. As much as it is enticing it is also bankrupting for an average passenger. 


So how can you get a place in the business class club? With advice from travel experts and airline companies, there are a few ways for one to bag cheap business class flights. So let us dare to dream big and try our luck with these travel hacks. 

1. You will have to be Flexible 

Business class

Business class or regular cheap plane tickets, if you are looking for lower rates, then you simply will have to be flexible. Since you are hoping to add value with the experience, ultimately, the timing and even the destination, you will be able to afford more. 


If you do not have a specific destination in mind, then start by looking for the cheapest destinations for your travel dates. If it is the other way round, look for the cheapest dates for your chosen destination. Even in the peak seasons, different airlines will put up sales for business class at different times, if you can be flexible with dates, it is best to wait for the sales to be online to avail the best of the cheap tickets. 

2. Try Low-Cost Carriers

Try Low-Cost Carriers

Another introduction that made big differences in the airline industry are the low-cost carriers. You can essentially find low cost carriers to almost every destination in the world. Many big airlines companies have their own subsidiaries that offer flight tickets at much lower rates. 


Though the business class services in budget airlines might not be on par with the premium airlines, they offer very competitive rates for business classes. Airlines such as Scoot has their own variation called ScootBiz, with additional baggage allowance, leather seats with a good recline and complimentary drinks which is not available on their economy cabins. 


There are such budget airlines available in Europe and Asia that can save you heaps in terms of money. Take a look at your best options for budget airlines in Europe here.

3. Try your Luck at Bidding 

Try your Luck at Bidding 

Many airlines have opened up the options for its economy passengers to bid on flights last minute to get a business class upgrade. Emails are sent out for specific passengers whom the airlines find eligible for bidding on upgrades. This is not always a sure way to get an upgrade but you will still be able to pull off comparatively cheaper flight fares for business class tickets. 


One the other hand, airlines such as United and Brussels Airlines offer to upgrade for passengers at the check-in point. This is more expensive but you will get an upgrade for sure. The next option is to get picked for a free upgrade by the airline itself. This might depend on your frequent flyer status, whether you are flying solo and how the business class seats are filled on a specific day. 

4. Redeem and Upgrade with Frequent Flyer Loyalty Programs

Redeem and Upgrade with Frequent Flyer Loyalty Programs

There are two ways to get a business class ticket, one is to spend money and the other is to spend miles. If you are a frequent traveler, and has signed up for the loyalty program of any airline, then you can easily use those miles to move up from economy to business class. 


Airlines have come up with many innovative ways to let travelers accumulate points. From family pooling to sharing points, to gaining them while shopping and using partnered credit cards, you can now save up points even without flying. Many airlines and travel companies also sponsor points for signing up on their travel programs 


While you might need considerable miles and points to redeem them for business class, for those who have already accrued points, this is the easiest way to exchange them for flights. 


You can also use these miles to upgrade from economy seats to business. People often overlook this option for upgrading and that makes it one of the most approachable ways for doing the same. 

5. Look Out for Airfare Sales

Look Out for Airfare Sales

It does not matter which part of the world you are flying from or flying tom airlines are bound to put up deals on all routes at some point. By subscribing for newsletters from the airlines, you will get notified whenever there is an upcoming sale. 


Early bird offers and "free for companion"offers are among the few that are offered, while airlines are also favoring deals in packages that include accommodation and other tours at the destinations. Remember that such deals are preferably available to subscribers and loyalty program members first. 


Another place to look for such deals is in the social media pages of airlines, where they might share a coupon code or a link which you can use to find deals. So make sure to follow all your favorite airlines. 

6. Choose your Luxury

Choose your Luxury

Business class seats sound perfectly well, but not every airline offers the same standard. That also applies that not everyone needs the highest level of luxury while flying. The good news is, now there are plenty of options available where you can pay for the specific elements you need while traveling without having to pay for premium tickets. 


For example, today, entry to many premium lounges can either be purchased with a free or available if you are a member of the loyalty program. Few airlines also provide options to choose seats with better legroom and add in meals while flying. The other such payable options are priority check-in extra baggage allowance and screening at the airport. 


Premium economy is another classification that has diminished the appeal of business class for an average passenger. While they offer slightly less than the luxury of business seats, it is still a lot more affordable and the required luxury for many. In budget airlines especially, though many seats are advertised as business class, the services are similar to that of premium economy. 


So if you are splurging on luxury, make sure that you are spending for the right services you need. Look at the track record and passenger reviews of the airline, before paying a hefty amount and only receiving disappointment on board. 

7. Listen to Valid Advice

Listen to Valid Advice

With so many options offered to passengers to get business class tickets and how to get cheap last minute flights at the airport, airlines seldom give out free upgrades. So things like dressing nicely might not yield you any results if the purpose was to get an upgrade. While it would never hurt to dress nicely, it is best not to rely on some last-minute miracle at the airport. Also never speak to an employee like you are entitled to an upgrade because you are flying solo or asking nicely. Have the least of expectations in such matters and take steps that might actually get you cheap last minute flights. 

8. Book with FareDepot 

Book with FareDepot 

Above we have discussed many useful tips on finding cheap business class flights. If there is one place where you can apply all and compare the best rates available from all airlines, then it is at FareDepot. 


Our fare comparison tools ensure that you get the best rates from all routes and airlines. Moreover, we also have specially designed filters that you can use to see the cheapest dates for flying and cheapest destinations too. 


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Finding cheap business class flights is indeed possible with FareDepot. By using a bit of wise searching, timing your trips and saving up miles, luxury enhancements can easily be afforded for cheap international flights