13 Ways to Save Money During South East Asia Travel

Asia is always considered as one of the best budget travel destinations. At least it used to be. Now, South East Asia countries are among the top travel choices of the world. They have been investing in the tourism front and has indeed developed tremendously.

While backpacking would seem like a budget-friendly way of traveling, the inconsistent currency values and the updated increase in expenses could make you spend more than you intended to.

Refer to these timeless travel hacks if you have been planning a budget travel deal to the countries in South East Asia.


1. Have Fun at Hostels


Whether you are traveling alone or with companions, choosing to stay in hostels has its perks. For one, it is cheaper, and then you will meet more people and have more fun. Check out websites like Hostelworld.com and take your pick. Just be sure to check the reviews and ensure that the location is good. If you spent more money on transportation, it would only negate what you save in accommodation.


2. Bring Your Own Water

Bring Your Own Water

Drinking tap water in Asian countries is not recommended. So you will end up buying mineral water anyway. That expense is inevitable. However, there is no restriction that you can't bring water with you to restaurants in these countries. So avoid ordering water and drinks at restaurants, because you will be charged more there. Buy multipacks from supermarkets and always carry one or two with you.

If the hostel you are staying at offers refills, make use of them without hesitating.


3. Keep Snacks Ready

Snacks Ready

7/11 and other supermarkets are going to be your best friends in Asian countries. It is the cheap place to find food and drinks. Also, there will be some unique local snacks that you might love. Buy a few at a time and always have snack packets with you. Or else, you will end up paying a lot more money from other places and bus stations for food.


4. Be Cautious with Transportation


If you are commuting in local taxis or tuk-tuk, agree on a price before getting into the vehicle. You can ask in your hostel how much the average prices are, and if the driver asks for more, you will know you are being overcharged. Also, ask specifically to turn on the meters; even if they say its all the same, you have to insist on it. They are required by law to do that, and you always have the right to it.

Drivers will also make the distance seem longer to charge you more. So have your Google Maps ready and calculate the distance yourself.


5. Don’t Buy Souvenirs


Let us be honest here. Souvenirs are things you really don’t need. Even if you are buying something for friends and family, they will only be curious for a while, and the next time you visit, you will find it dusty in a corner. So instead, make memories, take pictures and share stories. Plus, it will add more weight to your backpack.


6. Polish your Bargaining Skills

Bargaining Skills

Travelers are usually charged a lot more on almost everything. In case you are still keen to buy souvenirs, you need to be ready for a bargain-off with the seller. Whether it is food, transport, or shopping in markets, you should always try to get the price down. In markets mainly, haggling is necessary because the initial price they ask would be a lot more than the original price. If they don’t reduce it, and if you can live without it, then walk away. If they are ready to lower the rate, they will even chase you to sell it.


7. Avoid Packages

South East Asia Travel

Transportation plus accommodation packages are necessary only if you don’t know to research or find your way. You don’t need a guide as long as you can spare some time to read a bit about the place. You will always find a cheaper option than what they are offering in packages. So how much ever they stress on the fact that it's a good deal on budget travel packages, avoid it.


8. More is Better

South East Asia Travel

Most people travel to Asia solo. But if you travel in groups, the expenses could be reduced. If you are sharing a cab or renting a room, all the expenses could be split between the travel mates. Most prices could also be reduced if you say it's for four people rather than one.


9. Eat Local Food

South East Asia Travel

One of the aspects that draw travelers to Asia is the delicious food. So use your opportunity wisely. There are many street markets that sell incredible and fresh food. Go here rather than is fancy restaurants. The meals could be as cheap as $5 and very filling too.

Sure, you will crave for western food. But try to reduce that as much as possible unless your stomach doesn’t agree with you at all. Western food is costly too.


10. Cut Down on the Booze


Apply your usual pre-game techniques in Asia too. If you are going to a party, buy alcohol from 7/11 or other shops and get yourself started. This is a great way to save some money. Also, there are going to be a lot of parties. You are going to have to pick the ones you want to go. Because parties unavoidably are going to make a dent in your pocket.


11. Take Overnight Transportation


Asian countries have overnight buses and trains. If you are taking a long journey, book in such transportation options. This way, you can save on spending on accommodation, and the journey won’t tire you out entirely too.


12. Research

TRavel Search

Doing proper research and planning ahead could help you tackle a lot and get better deals. While there is a thrill to being spontaneous, this could help you to stay away from scams. Explore as many options as you can; don’t just take the first deal you are offered. Prices fluctuate from country to country and even within one.


13. Get a good Flight Deal

Flight Deal

Last but not least, you need to save money right from the flights. Do fare comparisons of different airlines, change the departure airports and timings to find the best international flights for your trip.

FareDepot is one such website where you can do everything in one place. Find cheap flights to Asia and get some of the best deals on the internet here.

One Southeast Asia travel guide alone can’t prepare you for what the countries have in store for you. Embrace the cultural shock, revel in the unknown and bring back home some fantastic experiences.