Best 18 Spring Destinations in Europe

Not that Europe needs any particular season to lure in visitors, still when it comes to spring, there is a special fascination that the continent holds over hearts. Whether it is to walk through the alleys or walk by the Seine, or see the blooms or cherish the wine, Spring is undoubtedly the best time to plan your Europe trip.


But among the myriad of countries and places in Europe, how to choose the most enticing ones for the season? So let us present you here with the best spring destinations in Europe, with all its cherry blossoms and shining sun


1. Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo, Italy

Italy altogether tends to get quite hot in summer. And consequently, there is no better time than spring to book cheap flights to Italy and make a visit to Bergamo Italy. This northern Italian city is famous for its historic Venetian walls segregating the city into upper and lower sections. The narrow streets are lined with the stunning architecture of churches, cathedrals, museums and amazing squares. It is one of the places to get away from the crowd and enjoy the spring in the air.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

There is no reason needed to book cheap flights to Amsterdam. The city is always ready to invite visitors, with exceptional food scenes, partying, shopping, and the beautiful canals. However, there is one thing about Amsterdam that is unique for the spring. The tulips start blooming around April and continue its colorful stride through May. The city is also more welcoming with less crowd, and the streets would be best to ride around in bicycle and take the perfect Instagram pictures.

3. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt, Austria

Sitting ashore the Lake Hallstatt, this fairytale town is a gem among Austria’s travel destinations. Tucked away between some of the most dramatic sceneries of the country itself, the beauty of this quaint town is indescribable. Famous for its salt mines, the town comes alive in spring when the lake is at its most pleasant for boating, and the market squares are vibrant with produces.

4. London, UK

London, UK

While we might recommend that you book cheap flights to London in spring, remember that there is no budget fares of good weather devoid of a little bit of drizzle. But that is just the nature of the British Capital throughout all seasons. That does not reduce the beauty of spring in any manner. The Wisteria starts appearing along the walls, balconies and the expansive parks of the city. Another perk? Almost all prices are a little cheaper in the shoulder season.

5. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

If the cold has been keeping you from booking cheap flights to Stockholm, then spring offers an ideal window for visiting. As the city breaks from the harsh weather and glittens under the sun, the Swedish capital is blanketed with greenery. Outside the city borders, Stockholm has many wonderful parks and gardens perfect for enjoying the weather and for activities like hiking. Before the summer rush sets it, you might want to grab the chance.

6. Dusseldorf, Germany

Dusseldorf, Germany

Spring in Dusseldorf is all about the Daffodil fields and spring blossoms. It is apt for a weekend getaway, so you don’t even have to spend your vacation days off. Dusseldorf offers just the right balance of nature in the city, and a lively ambiance with the abundance of pubs and bars, The city also has its share of castles, museums, and plenty opportunities to bask in the culture.

7. Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Porto is a gorgeous city, regardless of when you visit. But the charm of the city changes dramatically throughout the seasons. If you are one to favor the sunny weather, then the Portuguese capital and its seaside whims are a most suited for a spring getaway. The city is also known for its cheaper expenses compared to other parts of Europe. So if you are leaning to budget travel, cheap flights to Portugal is the right choice.

8. Paris, France

Paris, France

Once the winter settles, Paris is in its best suit when the spring crawls in. Anywhere and everywhere you look, flowers are in bloom, the fountains brimming with water and the cafes all extending out to the curbs. Whether it is for a cultural expedition, or to revamp your romance, the city of love and lights will never disappoint you. While the chances of crowd fewer streets in Paris are highly unlikely in spring, it is for the very same reason that spring in Europe rhymes well with the cherry blossoms of Paris. If a Parisian spring is your choice, then you do not want to wait to book cheap flights to Paris.

9. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is another favorite destination of budget travelers in Europe. The City of a Hundred Spires inspires its name from the remarkable architecture adorning every nook and corner. It also welcomes flocks of crowds when the spring breaks into summer, and hence all the popular attractions will have a very long queue. Why not book cheap flights to Prague in the spring itself and enjoy a much-relaxed ambiance in the city?

10. Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania

Romania is still underrated as a European destination. Its capital Bucharest offers attractions and fascination as same as its fabled neighbors like Sofia and Budapest. So now it might be the right time to venture out to the less used path by tourists. Bucharest envelopes the spring greenery, cute shop windows, and the elusive enchantment of gorgeous parks; all along with the sunshine and a subtle hint of chill.  

11. Bonn, Germany

Bonn, Germany

If you are looking for photo spots captivated with cherry blossoms, then Bonn in Germany would be the most exciting answer for you. With blossom filled avenues, there are numerous places for visitors to indulge in the striking spring beauty of the city. Famous as the birthplace of Beethoven, there would also be enough for the cultural enthusiasts to keep occupied, enjoy and revel in Bonn.


12. Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain

For many, spring in Europe is about just the right amount of sun. Seville will not fail you in that aspect. The Spanish city of Seville is known for its sun rays reflecting on the Roman ruins, the astonishing architecture and indulging in some of the mouth-watering Spanish cuisine. Add in a few spring festivals, and you have got the absolute recipe. Whether you are going for the tapas or the sun, hurry because cheap flights to Spain is going to get sold out soon.

13. Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia

The Baltic countries are gaining more favor from the tourism industry lately. Riga has found its place in the top charts in recent years, for the marvelous museums and the Art Nouveau architecture. The city has many highlights apart from that, with an old town part exclusive for pedestrians and lined with the medieval buildings. Spring also means the low prices of the shoulder season in addition to the general cheaper travel expenses of Latvia.

14. Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland

The undiminishing beauty of Lake Geneva and its surroundings has enthralled the minds of many. Lausanne, on the shores of the lake, is one of the most stunning places in Europe for how it becomes a land of colors with the flowers. The center of the city, on the other hand, houses some of the most brilliant Gothic architecture of the country. The Lausanne Cathedral, museums, castles, and the Alps behind still capped with snow, make spring, a very picture perfect times of Lausanne.

15. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

The canals of Copenhagen and the colorful buildings lining that always forms a beautiful frame. It is no wonder that spring here is quite impressive with the port side in its brightest version and architecture standing out. In the season, the city also comes alive with flea markets, food festivals, and cherry blossoms too.

16. Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk, Poland

The Polish town of Gdansk is full of traditions, cultural attributes, and history that outlines its rises and lows. The 17th-century old town has much inspiration from both the Dutch and Soviet architecture. Along with the city’s medieval charm, there is also the Malbork castle just outside nested in the greenery of the outskirts.

17. Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium

After Brussels, Antwerp is definitely the most liked city. Nestled between France, Germany, and the Netherlands, the city has influences and reflections of all three countries along with its own traditions and lifestyle. The port city is apt for a spring adventure, to roam through the streets, enjoying the Belgian fries while glaring at the beauty of Antwerp and its ancient charm.

18. Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain

Granada is another European city that gets particularly hot during summer. Spring here, however, is one of the most pleasant times to visit. Sprawling at the foot of Sierra Nevada, the streets of Granada are packed with restaurants and the aromas coming from the street stalls. But the highlight here is the palace complex of Alhambra, with its Islamic architecture and gardens whose beauty is unparalleled in Europe.


There you have the most beautiful places to spend spring in Europe. All you need to do is pick a place and search for cheap international flights.

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