The 9 Most Amazing Beaches in Charleston SC

Summer is here! And whether you are beach body ready or not, all summers cal for a visit to the beaches. Just beyond the city limits, there are a number of the barrier island with their stunning beaches in Charleston SC.

With an hour drive from downtown, you can go to these beaches to get an evening tan and stare at the dusk. Most of the beaches also have an iconic lighthouse for your perfect photographs too. So pack your sunscreens and swimwear to have a beautiful summer on Charleston beaches. Oh, and don't forget to book your cheap flights to South Carolina only at FareDepot.

Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms SCIsle of Palms is a sweet little beach with narrow roads and beautiful grass paths leading to it.  It is famous as a family-friendly beach that entertains with all water sports and beach activities. There is a massive crowd of families that have made this seven-mile stretch their perfect spot for their summer getaways. You could always see teenagers biking around, and playing beach volleyball here.

The beach is also a place where you might get a chance to watch the sea turtles during their egg laying season. On a lazy summer evening, if you have found your babysitter, go to the

Edisto Beach

Edisto Beach

This might take a little long to reach from downtown Charleston, actually around 60 miles,  but the drive is pleasant. The sands are clean, and the waters are gentle, making the Edisto one of the best beaches in Charleston Sc. There are 37 points that give access to the beach.


The nature of Edisto beach being calm makes it a favorite one for families with children. If you don't want to spend too much time in the waters, there is Jeremy's Inlet at low tide. You can spend some time there looking for fossils, seashells and sharks teeth washed up on the shore.

Morris Island

Morris Island scThe beautiful and deserted Morris Island is accessible only by boat. But even the locals swear by the fact that, watching the sunset from this island is a truly serene experience of a lifetime.

The very reason of difficult on transportation makes this island a quiet place that you can easily explore without much crowd. You will also get a spectacular view of the lighthouse from the island. If you like hiking, you could even reach the island on foot from the northernmost points of Folly Beach

Kiawah Beachwalker Park

Kiawah Beachwalker ParkThe Kiawah Beachwalker Park is indeed very famous, making most of them are owned privately by the Richie Riches of the world. But lucky for us, there is a strip left at the southwestern tip of the island where you can enjoy the barrier island with it soft sands. But there is an entry fee you will have to pay. But it is totally fine for the well-maintained beach. The beach has gentle slopes and spectacular stretch of blue waters to walk along.


Folly Beach

folly beach scIf you have ever been to Folly Beach, you will know why its called “The Edge of America.” With nothing but ocean stretching before you, you will surely be taken to a unique tranquil feeling. Folly beach lies on a barrier island on the front lines of Atlantic, and still maintains its small-town touch. The restaurants and shops are owned by friendly locals, who are very welcoming.

A 12-hour drive from Charleston city, this small area will quickly win your heart. It is a perfect getaway if you don't like the commercialized beach fronts and restaurant chains.

Seabrook Island

Seabrook Island scMost of Seabrook Island is housed in private residential beachfront communities with their pristine summer houses. But around four-mile stretch is left for the public with its sandy beachfront. The beach is comparatively quiet and less crowded. There are no fancy restaurant s or flashy ice cream trucks.

So if you are looking for a remote area to get away from summer tourists, this might be the one for you.

Capers Island

Capers IslandThe narrow stretches of sand in Capers Island is lined with the remnants of palm trees giving a surreal feel to the beach. Due to this, the beach is one of the dramatic ones in South Carolina like the Bulls Island. The beach erodes around 15 feet per year to contribute to this effect.

This underdeveloped barrier reef island is only accessible by boat. The marshlands, the beautiful trails and nesting sites of alligators are few of the things that make this island an excellent option for exploring.  You might come across shells and corals to collect on this beach.


Bulls Island

bulls island scAll the adventure on your Bulls Island journey awaits you on a four-person ferry. The ecotour will take around 30 minutes during which you will passing through estuary creeks and might come across sea turtles and dolphins. Once you reach the island, you can see the restroom facilities and picnic shelters for a rest.

This isolated island host two beaches, North Beach, a Robinson Crusoe like stretch of untouched sand, and Boneyard Beach., a three-mile each with the branches sprawling out of the water. The surf has been moving sand away, leaving the skeletons of cedars, pines, and oaks to give the feel of a tree cemetery. The beauty of this island will make you speechless.


Sullivan's Island

Sullivan's Island scSullivan’s Island brims to life during the season. Spring and summer days see hundreds of tourists arriving to enjoy this barrier island. The drive to Sullivans Island will take you through the Ravenel Bridge and wetlands, to make way for the beautiful beach that looks over the lighthouse.

It is best to visit at low tide to enjoy the best of the beach. When there, don't forget to check out Poe's Tavern on Middle Street where the poet stationed during his military service years from 1827 to 28.

The Barrier reefs and wetlands are something unique to South Carolina. The skeleton sand remnants of trees only make these islands more dramatic to witness and give you an experience that you will never forget.

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