The Top 3 Most Luxurious Holiday Destinations you can actually Afford

luxurious holiday destinations you can actually afford

While many travelers are satisfied with the 3* resort experience or the hostel and caravan park life, many others desire a little more.

If you love the privilege of traveling like a King filled with luxurious opportunity of wonderful food, hotels, environment, and the ultimate experience, it often comes at a price… or so you assume.

The concept of saving hard to play hard has always been an existing tradition for many individuals who enjoy the high life. However, truth of the matter is, you really don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy luxury fit for a King. It entirely depends on how you plan your holiday, where you go, when you go, and who you go with!

Lucky for those who like a little something more, you can still enjoy your champagne even if you're on a beer budget! And here are the places we recommend for that luxurious experience.

1. Elounda, Crete

Crete has always been well-known for being a cheap holiday destination with cheap tickets that follow. To take advantage of this destination by making it even cheaper, flying during offseason periods will land you even more discounted airfares and cheaper hotel prices.

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Elounda is situated in East Crete and is famous for being a paradise for breathtaking scenery filled with luxury hotels. The glamour experience is equivalent to the Italian Rivera which is an exorbitant comparison when placed next to a Crete resort.

With cheap airlines ticket costing no more than £50 at times, Elounda Crete is a no-brainer destination when luxury is in mind.

2. Cape Town, South Africa

Whether you wish to enjoy the ultimate resort experience or intend on being a little more adventurous by joining in on a classic African safari, Cape Town has it all. Capture unforgettable moments watching herds of impala prance around the savannah as predators chase in pursuit, get close and personal with wild elephants and even watch lions just metres away from you. This is what the African Kings used to do and now you can too!

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The off-peak season is the best time to grab a bargain for safari adventures as well as a good travel deal alongside some cheap flight tickets to Cape Town and other destinations throughout South Africa. The ideal time to travel off-season is May, although the weather may be regarded as a little more chilly than usual. But with chiller weather, comes cheaper holiday prices! It's also a great time to see the wildlife due to the lower safari vehicle traffic and less tourists around.

3. Cascais, Portugal

Although Portugal has always been known as one of the budget friendly destinations in Europe, the town of Cascais is a gem often overlooked.

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With incredible restaurants with extremely fine cuisine along with cozy bars, and only a 20km distance away from the capital, Lisbon, Cascais has everything a luxury traveler could ask for. And it comes at a very sweet price with cheap airline tickets to and from its destination!