Cannes France - An Ultimate Relaxation Destination

things to do in cannes

If you know a thing or two about Cannes France, a vacation here has a lot to do with resting rather than doing. With a few Cannes France attractions such as museums and architecture to mesmerize upon, the general gist of things revolve around relaxing and enjoying life at your leisure.

If you’re really aching for an idea of things to do in Cannes France, here are our top picks that will help you create your itinerary.


1. La Croisette Cannes

Stretching a mile in length, La Croisette is a beautiful promenade that offers a magnificent sight with scenery that covers the Mediterranean on one side while you witness the might of the Estérel hills on the other. La Croisette Cannes skirts on the shorelines of the sea allowing you to get lost as you wander amongst intriguing tourists, plenty of pedestrians and even some skimpy bikinis!


2. Iles de Lerins

Only being a 15 minute ferry ride away from Cannes, many travelers have boasted that these magical four islands that make Iles de Lerins outperform the city of Cannes itself. Our most popular picks of the islands you must visit are Île Ste-Marguerite for the beach and for Fort de I’lle or Musee de la Mer and Île St-Honorat for the Abbaye de St-Honorat which is still a working monastery.

If peace and serenity is what you’re looking for in a vacation, Iles de Lerins in Cannes is the perfect place to be. With island groves and soft sandy beaches, what more could you ask for?


3. Rue Meynadier Cannes

Rue Meynadier is an infamous road that bears the beauties of 18th century architecture that will send you back in time. With some houses being repurposed as boutiques that sell almost everything at an affordable price, it’ll be hard to resist temptation especially when cafe L’Atelier Jean-Luc Pelé at No. 36 is famous for its mouthwatering macaroons!


4. Marche Forville

Also known as the Covered Market, Marche Forville is Cannes’ most popular market is opened every day. On all days except Monday, expect to see local produce such as freshly made pasta noodles and farm vegetables. On Mondays, this produce market turns into a flea market bearing goodies that will make brilliant souvenirs.


5. Musee de la Castre Cannes France

Dubbed as Canne’s “token cultural attraction” in the words of, the Musee de la Castre Cannes France. The reason behind its nickname gives thanks to the Gothic impression constructed back in the 11th century portraying monks and other architectural delights.


6. Cannes Casino

Formally known as Casino Croisette, the Cannes Casino is the most frequented casino in all of France. Being located right inside Palais des Festivals, the ambiance is amazing with plenty of opportunities to catch an International Film Festival as well as exploring the Palais for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to spend the night away.

Ready to go on a relaxing vacation away from the hectic hordes of hustle and bustle, Cannes is undoubtedly the place to be. From beaches and museums to trying your luck in the Cannes Casino, you’ll have the time of your life and a well-deserved vacation experience here.


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