Incredible Things to do in Athens Greece

Those who get to step on the land of the ancient capital of the world, are lucky. Very lucky indeed. It was where history wrote itself, built civilizations that still is an inspiration to the entire world. Greeks taught us how to live, how to create and how to enjoy.

So it is with certainty that one can say, there is a little bit for everyone to enjoy in Greece. Athens holds the doors open for those who are fascinated by art and architecture, for the history addicts, for the foodies and the party seekers.

Need to know more to book cheap flights to Greece? Take a look at the most remarkable things to do in Athens Greece.

1. Get to know the History from Acropolis and Ancient Ruins

Acropolis and Ancient Ruins

Acropolis is the most important ancient site, not only for Greece but also for the entire world. With Parthenon as its crown jewel, Acropolis Athens sits atop a hill looking over the city. This UNESCO Heritage site is the ancient Citadel of Greece and spreads over 3 hectares. Around that are the remains of the other significant buildings of the citadel.

It is one of the perfect examples of the artistic and architectural wisdom the Greeks has bequeathed on to the rest of the world. The famous buildings, to name a few are the Parthenon, Erechtherion. Roman Agora, Temple of Zeus and Athena Nike.

2. Gaze at the Artifacts at the Acropolis Museum

Acropolis Museum

Stopping for a visit to the Acropolis Museum will give insight to the ancient ruins. The museum exhibits exhibit the artworks and the excavations from the site. Though most of the remains are dispersed are scattered worldwide in renowned museums, the collection is very informative. It is highly suggested to visit the museum before you go to the ruins, as the information could throw further light at how you perceive it.

3. Shop at Monastiraki

MonastirakiThe flea market neighborhood of Monastiraki has tons of kiosks and shops selling you everything Greek from food and souvenirs to trinkets. It is one of the famous shopping districts of Athens, and yes, this is where you should go, if you have a knack for bargaining.

However, the streets here have many unique elements other than shops. The colors are striking, and the doors of the building are stunningly decorative posing some of the best photo ops of the capital.


4. Stroll along the Streets of Plaka  Streets of Plaka

Plaka is yet another neighborhood that will make you fall in love. The beauty is incredible and rustic in the simplest ways. The narrow cobbled streets with curves and occasional stairs, with the moody houses and the beautifully carved doors, are found here too. Plaka is also known as the “neighborhood of Gods.” What makes it a hidden gem is that it's hidden, well away from the tourist's eye unless you look for it. So grab the opportunity and enjoy the city’s charm in peace.

That said, there are many such streets in Athens that are breathtaking. Take a break from visiting the popular tourist destinations, and go to such pocket streets. That's where you see the city in its real character.

5. Watch the Changing of Guards at the Greek Parliament Building

 Greek Parliament Building

The Hellenic Parliament is located at the Syntagma square. The building itself is beautiful with all features of the Greek architecture. The square is a bustling one and a perfect spot to sit back, enjoy the excellent weather Athens Greece has offered you and people watch.

The unique thing about the Greek Parliament Building is the changing of guard ceremony that happens every hour right by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The whole tradition is a very heartwarming and peculiar thing to watch, and one shouldn't miss the chance to witness it.

6. Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens

The Metropolitan Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Athens and is a significant landmark. It was the first one built in the capital when Athens was chosen the official Greek capital. The Cathedral sits by a square and forms a pretty picture with the hustle around. Inside the marble cathedral is a soaring dome, that will catch your attention immediately. The interior has many beautifully ornated carvings, stories from the bible depicted in beautiful paintings.

7. Rest up at the National Gardens National Gardens

The vast public park of Athens, the National Gardens is situated right by the Greek Parliament building. The garden is absolutely magical, and a serene hideout especially in the summer months. The meandering paths, pergola covered pathways, acanthus plants, and palm trees add more to its allure. The unique thing is the scattered ruins that break from the greenery.

8. Go to a Rooftop


There are plenty of rooftop bars in the city, and we highly recommend you to drop by at night. Look for something with a panoramic view, like the 360 Cocktail Bar near the Acropolis. Because, put in simple words, in the cool air of the night, the breathtaking view of the city is oddly soothing and just what we prescribe for your fatigue.

9. Hike to the High Ground for the View

Hike to the High Ground for the View

If after all the walking you have been doing in the city, you still have some energy left, challenge yourself to climb up one of the hills to the gorgeous view of the city, There are a couple of them, with Filopappou Hill and Mount Lycabettus being the most famous. You might want to change into comfortable shoes before doing this though.

10. Try Greek Food  Greek Food

Last but not least, maybe even the most important, fill your stomach with the best and authentic Greek delicacies from Athens. There are many options for vegans too. `try specialties like Sadziki with bread, Keftedes the deep fried meatballs, the Spanakopita spinach pie, and many more.

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