Epic List of Top Things to do in Brussels in a Day!

Brussels is not acclaimed for being a fabulous fun destination among travelers. Despite being the capital of Belgium, everyone usually tends and advises to visit the other cities like Antwerp and Ghent. So Brussels mostly ends up being the commutation point in Belgium.

But in spite of the popular opinion, the city has enough to entertain you for a day or two. So if you are planning to touch Brussels before heading out to some other place, we suggest you spend a night or at the least a few hours to enjoy the city.

One of the best things to do in Brussels Belgium is just to stroll along the streets. However, they sure have the EU bureaucracy head there and some interesting points worth a visit. Read ahead and find what to do in your 24 hours in Brussels.


Where to Stay

Where to Stay

If you are there for a quick getaway, then we suggest its best to stay in hotels near Grand Place Brussels. It is the hub of activity in Brussels and is just a few minutes walk away from Brussels Central Station. You will find many budget and luxury hotels around the area and almost all the attractions are in walking distance too. So even if you just want to walk around the hotel, you will still feel you are in the middle of everything in the capital.


Grand Place

Grand Place

Grand Place is the most prominent tourist destination in Brussels. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The square has some of the most spectacular buildings in Brussels. These medieval buildings date back to the 17th century are ornated with intricate details. All the main buildings of the city like the City Main Hall and Breadhouse could all be found here. A little along the way, there are shops of the famous chocolatiers and other boutiques too. This is the liveliest spots in the city is indeed the first on top things to do in Brussels.

Near the Grand Place, you can also find the Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. This stunning gallery is a beautiful place with many designer shops and specialty chocolate shops. But unless you are loaded, this is best suitable for window shopping.



Atomium in Brussels

Atomium in Brussels is probably like Eiffel Tower to Paris. This cell-like structure was built in 1958 for the Brussels World Expo. It was never thought to be standing till the 21st century and now it has become something that represents the country itself. It offers the best viewpoint in Brussels after gliding through the escalators in the tubes. If you visit the city, then it is mandatory that you click a picture in front of the Atomium Brussels Belgium.


Ramble around Sablon

Grand Sablon in Brussels

This lovely Square in the upper town of Brussels is best to just wander around and have a meal. The neighborhood is very historic and has the charming architecture surrounding it. WIth the street level adorned by many cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, you will get the best air of a European city there. Another reason to get to the Grand Sablon is for shops of Belgium's top chocolatiers. You will find Wittamer, Neuhaus, Pierre Marcolini and many more along the lines.


Comic Book Route

Broussaille and Tintin

Another attribute that is celebrated in Belgium is comics. So there is no surprise that comic art is embellished into its culture. The famous Comic Book Route is best for you to engross and admire the artworks of the brilliant comic artists. Along the way, you will find come across huge walls that have been painted with characters like Broussaille and Tintin. This is also an excellent choice of route to walk along to explore the city’s delights.


Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis in Brussels

A man taking a piss might not seem something pleasant to look at. But when it is a small cheeky cute bronze little boy peeing into a fountain might look amusing or even funny when you see it. The statue Manneken Pis supposedly represents the rebellious mindset of the city. Depending on the time of the year, this little boy statue is even dressed up with costumes.

Rue des Bouchers

Rue des Bouchers

This street is a tourist trap, but it is indeed a fun one nevertheless. Its never ending seafood restaurants and vibrant bars are a treat to locals and tourists. The bistros all have tables set outside, and you can just sit and people watch for how long ever you want. Don’t forget to order the Brussels special of beer, mussels, and frites.


Royal Palace of Brussels

Royal Palace of Brussels

The Royal Palace of Brussels is open to the public every summer. If you are visiting during that time. Grab the opportunity to take a tour of the palace. Only parts of it are accessible as the Royals still reside inside But whatever you can see is marvelous. The palace also showcases documents through history, the hall was royal weddings take place and even the dining table settings.  

Delirium Café

Delirium Café of Brussels

Delirium Cafe is known for the largest collection of beers in the world. With more than 3000 beer selection , it is no wonder that it has a world record in the Guiness Book for the longest beer list available commercially. Delirium attracts primarily college students among locals and then beer lovers from all over the world. Even if you don’t know much about beer, it is among the fun things to do in Brussels.

There are also a few other places in the city that is good to visit if you have more time. The Parlamentarium is apt for those who like to learn more about EU history and Cinquantenaire, a large public park for you to relax in the greens. Oh yes, do not leave Brussels without trying the famous Belgian waffles and frites too.

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