11 Things to Do in Downtown Las Vegas


things to do in las vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is no more hidden underneath the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip. It has emerged from the shadows tas the new entertainment center and fun place to visit. With the new hotels sprouting up, Downtown Las Vegas has restaurants with tasty options and bars worth the 15-minute drive from the Strip. Maybe on your next trip to gamble away your problems, you might want to check out the things to do in Downtown Las Vegas, or else you might be missing on these few things. Here we have made a list of what do do, where to eat and where to have fun at the Downtown Las Vegas.


1. Downtown Container Park

The Downtown Container Park is top on the list of shopping areas in Vegas. With a varied collection of boutiques and restaurants ranging from gourmet to fine dining. As the name suggests, the structure is made of 30 shipping containers and 41 modular cubes making it a sustainable 19,000 sq ft of entertainment. You can find anything and everything here, even a Wedding Chapel, you know, yes because, its Vegas!

2. Oak & Ivy

Occupying one of the containers in the Downtown Container Park, Oak and Ivy have made its own name as a favorite cocktail bar. This place is quite famous among locals, so it is usually crowded. The ambiance of Oak & Ivy Las Vegas is mellow, and there will mostly be live entertainment. There is also an outdoor area. The cocktails are, and there are also happy hour deals.

3. Eat Las Vegas


EAT Las Vegas is the rustic bistro joint with a lot of lights and a dash of greenery. It is a spot where you can quickly grab a bite on the go or take your time through the food. The EAT Las Vegas comes with a cozy interior and serves both breakfast and brunch. The restaurant also boasts using only organic and sustainable ingredients for all their dishes.

4. Pizza Rock

pizza rock las vegas

With a very catching sign that looks like the place is firing up, Pizza Rock Las Vegas grabs your attention right away. This brick-walled pizza shop has a very rustic set up with high top tables and stools. You could enjoy your cheesy pizzas with cocktails, beer, and wine. There is also a unique Dj booth of Peterbilt semi-truck cab. The Pizza list includes Neapolitan, classic Italian, American, Sicilian, Roman and even gluten-free pizzas.


5. SlotZilla Zip Line

If you thought Las Vegas couldn't get any better, it just did. Imagine slipping through a zip line at the height of 114 ft, and for a length of 1700 ft, that's what Slotzilla zip line is. With the thrill, you could watch the neon signs pass by and see the waving pedestrians below. There is also a Zoomline which lets you fly like a superhero from 11 stories up. Add this to the thrills of a little adventure in Las Vegas.  You can grab the tickets for both Slotzilla Zip line and Zoomline online.

6. Donut Bar

donut bar las vegas

Who doesn't love glass cases filled with delicious doughnuts is a soothing sight for all of us. This  Donut Bar Las Vegas has the remedy for our sugar cravings in many different flavors and colors. Try out the Homer, an ode to Homer Simpson. There is also warm and cold brew coffee to take with the doughnuts. It has few quirky combinations like grilled cheese donut sandwich, and lemon cheesecake filled donuts. They also have a range of vegan and gluten-free options.


7. Herbs & Rye

Often we drink the classics without knowing the history behind them. Herbs and Rye encourages us to learn a little bit about their incredible cocktails with its origin and ingredients. The decor is also very classy and vintage with a touch of sophistication.

8. Oscar's Beef, Booze, and Broads

Oscar Goodman, the former mayor of Las Vegas, would be so proud of this establishment named after him. Oscar's Beef Booze and Broads is located on the prime spot on the second floor of the landmark, The glass dome of the Plaza Las Vegas. With the interior dedicated to Oscar’s life, the menu includes all-time classic drinks and steaks. The decor has an old-time charm with vintage leather booths and oscar’s broads wandering around.


9. The Laundry Room

Located next to Commonwealth Bar, The Laundry Room Las Vegas is a secret joint with a secret entrance. Once you get in, this surprisingly small space takes you back to the prohibition era with both its vibe and contents. This little rendezvous place is all about etiquette and elegance.


10. Neon Museum

neon museum las vegas

Neon Museum takes us down the memory lane of old Vegas, in the Boneyard lies the more than 200 discarded neon signs that once used to rule Vegas. The Neon Museum Las Vegas offers guided tours along the history of the place and also conducts events. On a scorching summer day, it is highly recommended as an early visit.


11. Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino


As a boutique hotel, the Downtown Grand Hotel Las Vegas stands apart with its industrial design and decor. The hotel also has a casino on the ground floor, a very stylish one indeed when the rooms upstairs maintain a very modernistic approach. There are also various dining options and in-house entertainment provided for the guests. The rooftop pool deck is a 35000 sqft space with a sparkling pool and areas for events.

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