12 Top Things to do in Moscow

The size of Moscow is astonishingly huge compared to the other prominent cities in the world. Being the largest city in Europe, travel Moscow would be incredible and exhilarating at the same time. That leaves any traveler with an overabundance of things to do in Moscow Russia. With history as rich and culture equally profound, the city thrives on an excess of energy.  

Whether it is for the architecturally stunning monuments or the ultra-modern skyscrapers, the city holds close its remnants from the Soviet era. So in such an enormous city, how do you keep yourself engaged? Of Course, there are plenty of options; here are a few suggestions of the top things to do in Moscow.

1. Indulge in Russian Food on Arbat Street

Indulge in Russian Food on Arbat Street

Your first impression about a city will last a lifetime in your memories. In Moscow, there is no place better than Arbat Street to reveal to the fullest.  This street is the most happening in the city; from cafes, restaurants, shops and the most important thing in our lives, the food. You will receive a warm welcome from the musicians on the street and the fellow traveler crowds.

2. Taste Some Delicious Pelmeni

Taste Some Delicious Pelmeni

While on the same food topic, what you should try first in Russia are their Pelmeni. These are dumplings with out of the world stuffings. Almost every restaurant in Russia will have them on their menu. While in Moscow, you will come across many Pelmeni specialized restaurants and enjoying this small hot bowl would just be the highlight of your trip.

3. Get a Day and Night view of the Red Square

Red Square

The Red Square Moscow is undoubtedly one of the best places loved equally by tourists and locals. The square showcases the stunning Soviet era architecture along with the picturesque Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Even though always buzzing with tourists, the square will not disappoint you. Whether as a casual hang out place in the mornings or evenings, the square will never cease to amaze you. AT night when it is lit with the lights from the stunning buildings, it has a whole distinctive spirit.  

4. Visit the Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

It is challenging to draw your eyes from the spectacular beauty of Saint Basil’s Cathedral. You might have to put your patience to test an stand in the queue for hours to get inside, But even if you are not so keen on getting inside, the exterior itself is worth taking dozens of pictures.

5. Visit the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Another beautiful sight is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. It is exceptionally stunning at sunset when the whites of the building shine in the golden hues of the sky. Both interior and exterior are impressive, and amidst the surrounding buildings and the Moscow River, the Cathedral stands as an imposing structure.

6. Walk the Bridges of Moscow

Walk the Bridges of Moscow

If the buildings are pretty, then the bridges in Moscow are gorgeous. Romanticized or not, the bridges do have a special allure in every city. It is hard to point out which one of more beautiful, but one thing for sure, the Moscow river dazzles under each one of them. Whether it is for the architecturally stunning and peculiar Zhivopisny Bridge or the classy Tverskoy Viaduct, you are sure to enjoy the views from all.

7. Admire the Rises in Gorky Park

Gorky Park

Gardens are an oasis in a city, especially with the fragrance of the Roses fill the air, you don’t need more reasons to get away from the city’s pollution. Head over to one of Europe's biggest parks, Gorky Park to take a break among the greens.

8. Do a Time Travel in the Sculpture Park of the Soviet Era

Sculpture Park

Not just flowers, the Gorky park also showcases some of the stunning sculpture left behind from the Soviet era. A stroll here would do good to your legs and art sense.

9. Visit the All-Russian Exhibition Center Square

All-Russian Exhibition Center Square

Visiting the All Russian Exhibition Center Square is mandatory whether you are in Moscow for a day or a month. It might take you some considerable time to really enjoy the whole square. Paying homage to Soviet Russia, the arches, pavilions, and the fountains show the spirit of the nation. It is massive and still holds the tribute to the Soviet Grandeur the country once had.

10. Take an Architectural Tour of the City

Architectural Tour of the City

It is not necessarily a separate item as such. One of the fun things to do in Moscow is to take your time and enjoy the old architecture that the city has embraced. In every corner, you will find something from the Soviet days.  The ornamentations, details all take you back in time while your travel Moscow.

11. Explore the Space in the Museum of Cosmonautics

Museum of Cosmonautics moscow

One good thing that came out of the Cold war is the advance in Space research. Moscow celebrates its progress in Space intelligence at the Museum of Cosmonautics with exhibits and pays respect to the brilliant minds behind it. It gives us an opportunity to appreciate how far we have come in space explorations and how much Russia has contributed to it.

12. Get to the Zoo

Moscow Zoo

Escape from the city and wake up the kids in you at the Moscow Zoo. It is even better if you are with your family. Inhabiting many species of wild animals, at times watching them in necessary to get away from the world of humans. It is surprisingly huge in the middle of the metropolitan and has plenty of restaurants inside to keep you full while you stroll along admiring the animals.

Travel Moscow will shed some light on to the cultural perspectives of mighty Russia. How much ever the nation advances, it is surprising and appreciated to see how much of its past the country holds dear.

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