Explore: 6 Amazing Things to Do in Porto Portugal

Explore: 6 Amazing Things to Do in Porto Portugal

things to do in porto portugal

Looking for a slightly different European charm that is difficult to find in typical tourist spots? If this pretty much describes you, it goes without saying that Porto Portugal will entice you in every way.

Unlike many destinations in Europe, Porto Portugal attractions excel in a very laid-back manner allowing you to take things at your pace and at your leisure. From taking in the embrace of the beach landscape or the city views to strolling across the Dom Luis I Bridge, the level of admiration the sights at Porto Portugal will offer to you is phenomenal.

Without further ado, here are our top things to do in Porto Portugal based on historical facts, our personal experiences, and thousands of traveler’s reviews.


1. Dom Luis I Bridge

Known as the most iconic bridge on the Douro River, the Dom Luis I Bridge is made of iron and is the connection between Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto to Vila. Having been designed by a student of the infamous Gustave Eiffel (the man behind the creation of the Eiffel Tower Paris).

With a historical achievement of being the world’s longest iron arch bridge in 1886, the Dom Luis I Bridge certainly does hold a high level of charm to it. A stroll along the upper deck of the Dom Luis I Bridge will reward you with some of the most spectaculars of Porto you’ll have ever seen.


2. Se do Porto

Known in the English language as the Porto Cathedral, Se do Porto is dominantly perched on top of a hill with the prominent position of watching over Porto. It was built between the 12th and 13th century incorporating a variety of architectural styles such as gothic, baroque, and Romanesque.

The Porto Cathedral is the largest church in the city and is one of the city’s oldest sites that have been very much well-preserved. With beautiful stained glass windows, collections of sculptures dating back to the 12th century, a unique silver altar, you will easily find yourself amazed at the intricacies Se do Porto has to offer.


3. Jardins do Palacio de Cristal Porto

Also known as the Crystal Palace Gardens, Jardins do Palacio de Cristal Porto boasts green shrubs, windy pathways, vibrant flora, and beautiful fountains scattered throughout the gardens. Get lost in the beautiful maze of Jardins do Palacio de Cristal Porto and embrace the peace and quiet away from the busy bustle of the city.

For those who enjoy basking in the delights of flowers and greenery, the Crystal Palace Gardens is perfect for you with even the highlights of offering astonishing views of the Douro River.


4. Estação de São Bento

Inaugurated back in 1916, Estação de São Bento still acts as a functioning railway station accommodating travelers between Portugal’s northern suburbs and Porto.

Similar to Grand Central Station in New York, Estação de São Bento is a mesmerizing establishment luring tourists who aren’t even there to catch a train. With over 20,000 tile panels painted in both white and blue, Estação de São Bento has earned itself the title of being one of the most impressive stations in all of Europe.


5. Palacio da Bolsa

Famously referred to as the Stock Exchange Palace, Palácio da Bolsa is known for its graceful neoclassical style with intricate ornates filling the Arabian Hall. The establishment is massive holding history of being Porto’s major stock exchange.


6. National Museum Soares dos Reis

Bearing the historical significance of being Portugal’s first public art museum, the National Museum Soares dos Reis offers delights to all art lovers with an expansive collection of masterpieces and exhibitions that will thrill you for hours. Be sure to catch a glimpse of the marble sculpture O Desterrado created by Antonio Soares dos Reis himself.

National Museum Soares dos Reis tickets cost €5 Euros for adults above the age of 18 and  €2.50 Euros for children, senior citizens, and Porto Card holders.

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