Explore: Prague - The City with No Time

things to do in prague

The old city of Prague has stood on the banks of river Vltava, since its early years as the Bohemian capital. With its epic history and meandering streets, a journey to Prague will take you back in time.

Prague celebrates the elements of its tradition and heritage, making every traveler come back to take in more of the city.


Best Things To Do in Prague

Prague has made its mark in historic architecture with its monumental landmarks. The Prague Castle and the strikingly different architecture of Dancing House Prague has managed to find its balance in the city skyline. With wonderful dining experiences and beer halls, Prague boasts a fun and awe-filled getaway for its tourists.


1. Prague Castle

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Prague Castle has stood through renovations and restorations throughout its history. Serving as the residence of President and still open to the public, this architectural wonder features multiple styles from Gothic to Romanesque. It is not a question that Prague Castle will pass as a number on the to-do list in Prague.


2. Charles Bridge Prague (Karluv Most)

Replacing the Judith bridge after extensive flood damage, the lake Charles Bridge or Karluv Most, originally called The Stone was erected in 1402. Made of sandstone blocks, the Prague Charles Bridge is flanked by Lesser Town Bridge towers and Old Town Bridge Tower on either side. Another beautiful addition of 30 statues of saints added to the wonder of it.


3. Prague Astronomical Clock

Reminding us of time since the 15th century, the Prague Astronomical clock has been a significant landmark in the Old Town Square of Prague.

Now the name is not to be misunderstood for a clock that displays time, the Prague Astronomical clock works to our vanity with a variety of symbols such as money bag, mirror, and skeleton.


4. Dancing House Prague

Architect Frank Gehry is famous for his not so conventional designs and Dancing house Prague does complete justification for that. Even though not open to the public, the structure is still to be enjoyed from outside for its unique design alone.  Also nicknamed as “Drunk House”, it is no wonder the establishment makes a perfect addition to the wonders of Prague.


5. St. Vitus Cathedral (Chrám Svatého Víta)

This neo-Gothic Cathedral is devoted to Saint Vitus. Dating back to A.D. 925, this cathedral is famous for its stained glass windows and Baroque details. The detailed silverwork in the tomb of St. John of Nepomuk is yet another highlight. The Cathedral attracts pilgrims as well as tourists equally.


6. National Theatre (Národní Divadlo)

The cultural scenes in Prague stand equally amazing to its other aspects. The National Theatre Prague boasts the best of Opera, theatre, and ballet. Don't hesitate to go because of the language restrictions. Most acts come with English subtitles. Afterall, spending a little to add to your cultural experiences doesn't hurt. Even if you don't agree, you can stop there for a photo shoot in front of the beautiful Narodni Divadlo.


7. St. Nicholas Church (Chrám svatého Mikuláše)

St. Nicholas Church Prague, in Lesser town, is known for the largest fresco in Europe and sculptures of the Baroque style. Apart from being an active Paris, St. Nicholas Church also hosts about 200 concerts per year. Having a unique piece of the organ system with more than 400 pipes, the church was once a host to Mozart.


8. Jewish Quarter Prague (Josefov)

The historic Jewish Quarter of Prague has a number of significant places to visit.

Famous synagogues, countless graves, and an old cemetery may make it sound a little bit creepy but one can also learn and enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Jewish life in Prague. Take a stroll along the alleys to accidentally come across a beautiful synagogue or a wonderful Jewish vintage shop.

Prague has something on the plate for everyone. You will be disappointed only to the fact that you didn't plan for more days to enjoy the beautiful Czech capital!


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