Best Layover Things to do in Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore has got a lot of things right when it comes to tourism. Right from its airport, travelers are welcomed into a world of manmade magic with unrealistic beauty.

With more than 500 airport awards won and as an airport that locals and tourists absolutely adore (which is, of course, a rare occurrence), there are indeed a few extravagant things that make Singapore Changi stand out. In fact, the airport visit is even one of the best things to do in Singapore.

So here you go folks, here is what you can expect at the Changi international airport.

1. Take a Stroll in Gardens

Stroll in Gardens

Yes, gardens and we are talking about more than one. There are five themed gardens inside the airport, all equally stunning. The Butterfly Garden is at Terminal 3 will welcome you with the colors of thousands of butterflies. The Cactus Garden on Terminal 1 has a great bar and even live music shows at night.

Terminal 2 has the Sunflower Garden, the Orchid Garden with a Koi pond, and the Enchanted Garden that makes you feel like you are in a serene meadow with birds chirping all around you. You cannot ask for a better layover than this.

2. Soothe your Senses with a Massage

Whether it is a short or long flight, a massage will undoubtedly do you some good. Especially when its free, there is absolutely no question about it, You can find free foot massage machines in the airport and even full body massage chairs in Terminal 2. At T1 there is also the Doctor Fish pedicure, you might have to take your cards out for that one.

3. Check out the Installations


For an airport as huge as Chengi Airport Singapore, it is bound to have a few artworks that blow your mind. There are a few remarkable installations here that are worth stopping at and glare for a moment. The Kinetic Rain sculpture at Terminal 1 is an installation that has 1,216 bronze droplets taking 16 different patterns to create a dynamic piece of art.

Then there is the giant Social tree at Terminal 1 with eight touch screens where you can post your pictures and videos for everyone to see.

4. Slide away in the Airport

 12 m high slide

One of the fun things to do in Singapore Airport is to ride the 12 m high slide. That is actually four stories tall and is indeed quite tall for something inside the airport. Take a leap into the adrenaline rush, and you will get over all your layover jet lag blues in a few seconds.

5. Go on a Shopping Spree

couture to gift shops

Singapore is famed for its luxury. At the airport, you get a glimpse of what you can expect in the city. From branded couture to gift shops, the airport has more than 350 outlets for you to stroll along. If you have a really long Singapore layover, then you can take breaks at the airport lounges, and the window shopping would have you covered for hours.

6. Get a bit of Exercise

 free bikes

We usually tend, and people watch while it takes forever for the electronics to get charged. Here at Changi, you can get a bit of exercise done on the free bikes whose pedal power will charge your device. Meanwhile, you can use the free internet for indefinite scrolling.

7. Swim with a View


The extravagance has no limit in Singapore. At just 13 dollars, you can get a swim and a free nonalcoholic drink at the airport. Even if you don’t want to swim, the scene here is pretty refreshing with the fresh air.

8. Tour Singapore for Free

Singapore airport

Considering what to do in Singapore airport are not exactly confined only to the airport walls. The airport offers a free tour of Singapore city. Make sure you have enough time if you are there on transit. The city tour gives a quick glance at the major landmarks and other tourist attractions.

9. Nap at the Snooze Lounge

Nap at the Snooze Lounge

It is high time that this facility to be made mandatory in all airports, The snooze lounge is perfect for all jet-lagged fellow travelers who need a quiet place away from the buzz of the airport. This super convenient, free sofa lounges are there in all terminals and has sockets for charging your electronic devices. So bring a blanket and get all cozy.

10. Children's Zones

Children's Zones

All terminals have designated play areas for children. There are also the Family Zones with facilities for diaper changing, cartoons, amusements and entertainment that is perfect for families with young children.

11. Movies and Entertainment

free movie theatre at Terminals 2 and 3.

If after all this you still have time, head to the free movie theatre at Terminals 2 and 3. The movies featured are latest ones, and you can check the schedule before.


For the gamers, there is an entire Entertainment deck at the on the 3rd floor of Terminal 2. You can find top-notch games here including Xbox 360, PlayStation and Wil Room, etc.

12. For the Foodies

airport staff canteen near the Terminal 2

The airport does not hold back on refreshments either. It is, in fact, a haven for the food lovers. However, there is a little trick here to find the secret staff canteen where the food is cheaper and has many more varieties. You can find the airport staff canteen near the Terminal 2 parking lot, past the Starbucks with a staircase leading to the canteen on the third floor.

Apart from all this, the airport also has occasional tie-ups with sponsors to offer various events. The life-size replica of Harry Potter sets was featured by Warner Bros till February 2019. You might want to download the Changi Airport Map and plan your time here, so you don’t miss any cool aspects of the airport.

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