Explore: 6 Awesome Things to Do in Innsbruck

things to do innsbruckNaturally, most visitors’ main objective during winter is skiing. This is mainly because of the Olympia Skiworld Innsbruck, and a combination of 8 ski resorts. But distraction will set in with many other things to do in Innsbruck. With travelers being lured to the bright Golden Roof, nearby sites like Maria-Theresa Strasse and Hofburg keep them there. If you are traveling with children, you should catch a view of the city from the exciting Bergisel Ski Jump or the Alpenzoo, Europe’s highest zoo.

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Without further delay, here are our top picks on the top things to do in Innsbruck Austria!


1. Olympia SkiWorld Innsbruck

With 9 parks, a vertical drop of 7,710 ft, runs of 170 miles, and 81 mountain lifts and railways, there’s no other place to be for winter sports lovers than the Olympia SkiWorld. It becomes clear why Innsbruck was picked for Winter Olympics more than once. 3 of the 8 resorts allow night skiing. Seefeld is okay for families, as it has easier runs and comfortable accommodation.


2. The Golden Roof Innsbruck Austria (Goldenes Dachl)

Most people aren’t anxious about seeing the roof. But if you do not take some snapshots of the Goldenes Dachl, people will not believe that you have really been to Innsbruck. It’s the most popular site in the city. The Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl) is the center of historic Innsbruck and a cool spot to grab a cup of expensive coffee while watching the street traffic.


3. Hofburg Innsbruck (Imperial Palace Innsbruck)

Nestled between the St. James Cathedral and Golden Roof, the Imperial Palace Innsbruck was once a royal residence of several Habsburg Empire monarchs. Built in the sixteenth century its exterior can be attributed to Empress Theresa Mary, the powerful Holy Roman Empire sovereign. The interior is also decadent and impressive; though, you can only view about twenty rooms. The Giant Room, with its extravagant gold touches and regal portraits, is the most attractive room in all of Hofburg.


4. Maria Theresa Street Innsbruck (Maria-Theresien-Strasse)

Maria Theresien-Strasse channels visitors through a procession of restaurants and shops, acting as a triumphant entry into Innsbruck. Though historic, the avenue has become overrun with visitors who take pictures of every beautiful structure they see. The restaurants, shops, architecture, and tourists also imply inflated prices; hence, beware of little price tags on priceless menus and items in cafes.


5. Alpenzoo Innsbruck

Although Alpenzoo Innsbruck claims its fame is for being “Europe’s highest zoo,” tourists are more attracted by the creatures than the height. The park specializes in the care of native creatures of the Alps – bears and wolves are the scariest highlights. You can access some of its exhibits to a certain degree more than some other zoos.


6. Bergisel Ski Jump Austria

Built by Zaha Hadid, a visionary architect, the Olympic facility is literally a high point of every Innsbruck trip. The building is about 820 ft tall. Daredevil skiers usually fly from the peak of the Bergisel Ski Jump at speeds of about 56 mph. It goes without saying that only pros should try this feat. But you still get to enjoy your trip venturing to the top or to watch a tournament.


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