How to Truly Make the Most out of Madrid Spain

How to Truly Make the Most out of Madrid Spain

things to do in madridBeing the capital of Spain, Madrid surely stands strong in having a good share of busy city life amidst a hustling bustling city. Despite the working capital filled with commercial influence, it surely doesn’t mean that there is a lack of authentic Spanish culture and experience in store for tourists.

From the Prado Museum featuring masterpieces created by some of the most famous artists in Spain to the Royal Palace, also known as the Palacio Real, you will be enticed and inspired by how Spanish Madrid truly is!

Here is a list of our favorite 4 things to do in Madrid.


1. Prado Museum

Also known as the Museo Nacional del Prado, Prado Museum truly stands out as the most outstanding museum in all of Madrid. Dating back to as far as 1819, and as inspired by King Ferdinand VII’s wife Isabella of Braganza, Prado Museum boasts a massive range of over 8,600 paintings scattered alongside over 700 sculptures.

The range of artwork held here is astonishing with influence in style and design coming from the Spanish, Flemish, and Italians.

When heading here, don’t miss out on setting your eyes upon some of the most famous works like Las Meninas by Velazquez, The Third of May 1808 by Goya, and Adoration of the Shepherds by El Greco.

Prado Museum tickets cost €15,00 for a general ticket which makes a visit here great value for money.


2. Royal Palace of Madrid (Palacio Real)

Also known as Palacio Real Madrid, the Royal Palace of Madrid was known for housing the Spanish kings during the 1700s all the way to the 1900s.

Today, the royal family no longer resides here at the Royal Palace of Madrid despite it still being considered as the official place of residence for the royal family.

Palacio Real Madrid is famous for being Western Europe’s largest royal palace with a jaw dropping 3,000 rooms. Although there are so many rooms within the Royal Palace, there are only so many that are accessible by the public such as the royal pharmacy room and the armory room.

Royal Palace of Madrid tickets cost €11,00 for a general ticket.


3. Plaza Mayor Madrid

Located at the very heart of Madrid, Plaza Mayor is one of the must experience Madrid attractions. It’s not a matter of just viewing it from afar, it’s the experience of being in the Plaza Mayor Madrid square that gives you the vibes of what the true Spanish atmosphere is.

With cafes and bars surrounding you, it’ll be hard to resist sitting down and taking a break from the hectic vacation schedule forcing you to rush from one place to another.

Also widely known as La Plaza Mayor, the crowd starts drawing it at around 2 in the afternoon with an increase of foot traffic the later it gets (thanks to the bars).


4. Mercado San Miguel Madrid

The San Miguel Market, a.k.a. the Mercado San Miguel Madrid, promises a treat for all who seek to explore local delicacies and fancy gastronomy. With over 33 food stalls boasting the best of what Madrid has to offer, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to culinary culture.


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